Final Doom

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a game by Williams, and GT Interactive
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC (1996), Playstation
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 8 reviews
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 11 votes
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Final Doom
Final Doom
Final Doom

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as Final Doom proves with levels constructed by the game's adoring and fanatical fans!

After one sequel and countless imitations, Doom may be finally closing its gateways to Hell, id Software, the game's developer, claims that Final Doom is the last in this classic corridor-shooter series--at least on the PC. For consoles, Doom 64 (for Nintendo 64) proves otherwise, and for the PlayStation...who knows? If indeed this is the end of Doom, at least it's going out, appropriately, with a bang.

It Ain't Fair Man!

Final Doom compiles 30 of the choicest levels from the 64 that appeared in the PC version. There are three episodes: Master Levels, TNT, and Pluto-nia. Each one is filled with huge, perplexing, and sometimes sadistic levels, although they're populated by monsters you've blown away a thousand times before. The emphasis here is on puzzle-solving, and some levels are so complex you'll spend more time searching for the exit than fighting bloodthirsty creatures.

Gamers who've played Doom: Custom PlayStation Edition inside and out may think they've seen it all. However, Final Doom demonstrates that there's some fight left in the classic point-and-shoot formula. In fact, Doom rookies will find this version too difficult. Seasoned vets will find Final Doom a worthy challenge, even if it's not completely satisfying.

Final Critiques

The biggest problem with Final is the game's brevity. Thirty levels are not enough to satisfy the appetite of any Doom-hungry player!

Another shortcoming is that Final looks pretty much identical to its predecessor, with no real modifications made to the adversaries or weapons. Though unfortunately, some of the toughest monsters from the earlier version, like the Mancubus and the Cyberdemon, hardly make an appearance.

This is not to say all the elements mimic the previous Doom's. There are a few new, awesome, eye-candy visual effects such as star-filled skies, cracks in walls, and severed limbs hanging from the ceiling (especially in the aptly titled Human Barbecue level) that add to the creepy atmosphere and enhance the game's mood of, well, doom.

Farewell to Hell?

When Doom hit the PlayStation last year, it was the king of the corridor shooters. Now Doom and Final Doom form the best one-two PlayStation punch to date. However, with other promising Doom-style titles (like Disruptor and Pow-erslave) lurking in the shadows, Final Doom could very well be the final Doom.


  • When you're assaulted by a gang of monsters, first take out the former Marines toting chain-guns, shotguns, or rifles. You can't dodge this weapons fire.
  • Some walls are phony, so you can actually walk right through them! These are usually safe havens containing valuable items.
  • Bulldog demons are fine one-on-one--just don't let several of them corner you. One blast from the super shotgun usually does the trick.
  • Versus Cacodemons, use the chain-gun or plasma rifle and blast away unmercifully. They'll never get the chance to launch a fireball.
  • To Level 27 (Ghost Town), the water has the same effect as a toxic pool. Stand in it and you take damage.
  • When dealing with Arachnotrons, use the super shotgun and fire at them as you circle them. Never stand still because their plasma bolts can drop you in seconds.
  • Against the Cyberdemon, run like crazy when he stands still. He fires three rockets consecutively and a direct hit kills you instantly.


Despite graphic breakup, distortion, and pix-elization when you get up close and personal with monsters, Final Doom's graphics are to die for.


All the sound effects, from the fatal death scream to the stomping hooves of the Cyberdemon, are excellent. Although the new music is so subtle you have to make an effort just to hear it, some of the best selections from the first game have been retained.


The controls are perfect for fast and furious fun. Added mouse compatibility is sure to help PC Doomers.

Fun Factor

What can you say? Doom's a blast, and this is more Doom, with much harder levels. However, the monsters lack variety, and the best ones only make brief appearances.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Let's be honest. Gamers have played many Doom clones in the past year-some that were good and some that stank. What's next? Going back to the original--the granddaddy of all first-person action titles: Doom. More specifically, Final Doom.

Final Doom brings Doom fans and other gamers alike back to the original title that made gamers love to hate the spider-demon's spawn. What does this sequel offer that the first version didn't? Read on and decide...

Gamers play the role of the weapon-packin', demon-hating' space Marine that once again needs to save the world from the clutches of the Cyber Demon.

Final Doom features all of the weapons from the first Doom on the PlayStation, but since not all gamers were able to play that one. the game features everything from a Pistol to a Plasma Canon. Check the Weapons of Doom section for more information on each of the weapons, and the damage they dish out.

The levels in Final Doom are also similar to those in the original Doom for the PS. but this time something is much different. It could be the dozens of enemies that fill the screen around every corner. It might also be the traps in every dark nook of the game. Final Doom may just be called that since gamers might never finish it, thus not having time to ever play another Doom again. Who knows?

The enemies of the game certainly don't mind the difficulty level of the game. This way they can hang out and talk to each other while the demon a few feet away gets his head blown off. Of course, they won't be talking long, and they sometimes start shooting each other when they get really bored. In other words, there are a lot of enemies in Final Doom and play get very hectic most of the time. Take a look at the Enemy Bios sidebar for a look at each of the enemies of Final Doom along with some before-and-after beauty tips that we showed the whole cast of baddies.

The graphics in Final Doom are not improved from the other version on the PS. Walking around, sprites move fast but they also aren't polygons so they appear to be flat.

Final Doom will have to go through Review Crew when we get a complete version of the game in. Then we will know if Final Doom gives gamers what it takes.

  • MANUFACTURER - Williams
  • DIFFICULTY - Moderate
  • THEME - Action

The granddaddy of all first-person shooters is winding down. Williams will soon be releasing the last installment of the Doom saga on the PlayStation.

Final Doom is the closing chapter of the Doom trilogy. The original Doom for the PlayStation actually contained the first two games.

This time around, there are no new weapons or enemies, just another series of masterfully designed maps filled with countless traps and even more secrets for the aspiring Doom addict to find.

Those of you who enjoyed the original will love Final Doom. Like the original, it is especially fun playing Deathmatch with two linked PlayStations against a human opponent.

The nightmarish adventure that began in the custom PlayStation version of Doom continues in Final Doom, the sequel to the goriest first-person adventure ever to hit the Sony system. Final Doom is made up of 32 brand-new levels, and these are divided into three nightmarish episodes unique to the multiplatform Doom franchise. Like the custom edition. Final Doom also features a Link-Cable option, which lets two players hunt each other through five new Death Match levels. The game also boasts improved colors, sound effects and music over the PlayStation original. And, true to its Doom roots, the Final Doom's infested with hellish monsters and loaded with puzzles and traps.

  • MANUFACTURER - Williams

Final Doom is billed as the last Doom game. It features two 32-level episodes, The Plutonia Experiment and TNT: Evilution, which are WADs designed by Doom fans.

Evilution is the work of 35 game designers. A demon spaceship has unleashed hideous monsters onto a science research station on one of Jupiter's moons, and you single-handedly must stop the invasion.

Two brothers from the United Kingdom designed the Plutonia Experiment. The nation's top scientists have tried to close the seven interdimen-sional Gates of Hell, but one portal remains open. Alone, you must infiltrate the ravaged complex, defeat the Demon Gatekeeper, and seal the last Hell hole.

Is Doom done? We don't believe it!


The minions of hell have come calling -- again -- and they want pretty much the same thing they wanted last time, which is to kill and eat everything. They've already killed, or transformed into undead mankillers, all the scientists, bureaucrats and marines back at the base, and even though reinforcements are on the way, you know it'll be too late when they get there. You know that it's up to you, and you alone, to stop the tide of hell before it engulfs the universe. Again.


Happily, the folks at id didn't do anything stupid like change the customization options, or make any major changes in the way the game is played. What that leaves us with is something that is, admittedly, a bit behind the times, but not so much that the game isn't playable. While there's no looking up or down, no swimming or flying, and no making spinach casserole, there's still plenty of killing to do on the horizontal plane. I didn't get the game to see if there was anything new. I wanted to blast the holy heck out of a Hell Knight again, and I did just that. If I want motion sickness, I'll spin around in the front yard.


I don't know anything about generators, or engines, or whatever, but these graphics look mostly the same as in the old games. In all honesty, I'm playing on a faster computer nowadays, so it's tough to gauge the difference. My favorite weapon of all time, from any game from Pong to Quake, is the double-barreled shotgun in Doom 2 and Final Doom. Why? I'll tell you why: BUHH-WOMPH, that's why. It's here and I'm happy.

Computer AI

Minions of hell still aren't the brightest bad guys around, but they didn't get any dumber, either. If you do happen to come across a few stupid, marching-in-the-wrong-direction imps or former humans, I suggest you take advantage of the opportunity. The layout of most of the levels has minimized this occurrence, and I'm sure you'll need all the headway you can get.


Instructions seem adequate, but I'm only guessing since I didn't have to look at them to put the game in. The game comes with them, so don't worry. If you have trouble, call a friend or something.

The documentation looks thorough enough. All monsters, keys, screens and so on are explained. As with the installation instructions, I'm looking at them for the first time as I write this review. Here's a tip: kill everything but yourself, and pick up anything on the floor. Everybody is evil except for you, and hellspawns leave the neatest stuff lying around.

Bottom Line

Some people might argue that, compared to the Dark Forces, Duke Nukem, and Quakes of today, this game is a little antiquated. That might be the case in some eyes, but this is the best Doom of the bunch, from top to bottom. It's better than the first, much better than the second, and well worth a look.

Williams's winning reputation for converting id's masterpieces to the PlayStation will only grow with Final Doom. It's added blood-spurting, demon-busting action--perfect for Doom-heads jonesin' for more.


The movement is still as fluid and free of slowdown as the first PSX version. But the ability to shoot and strafe simultaneously (a big concern for Doom purists) has been retained. The game moves surprisingly well, and even in crowded rooms, the action is viciously fast.

Gameplay & Fun Factor

Think you're havin' a hellish day? You don't know the half of it until you've played Doom. But for those who played and enjoyed the first one, this one will definitely satisfy the blood-lust a little longer. For novices, it's better to cut your teeth on the first one before plunging into this nightmare. As far as fun goes, even in this preview version, Final Doom's the best corridor shooter around, greatly improving on its seminal predecessor.


It's more of the same with some minor enhancements, like more gore--and more gore is just what this game needed! Skewered corpses, gut-wrenching shotgun blasts, and eerie, demonic backgrounds are all easy on the eyes. Most levels are still dark and gruesome--what would you expect?

They're back! Just when you thought the world was safe from zombies, imps, and other spawn of hell, here comes another onslaught of blood and mayhem. This entry, Final Doom, has over 30 new levels filled with all the recognizable Doom elements: pressure plates, weapons, and, of course, monsters just waiting to rip you apart. In addition to the one-player game, there are also two-player Death Match and Cooperative modes, courtesy of the link cable. We've heard this will be the last of the first-person Doom titles for the PC. Well see about that.

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