Front Page Sports: Trophy Bass 2

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a game by Dynamix
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 6.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.8/10 - 5 votes
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Front Page Sports: Trophy Bass 2
Front Page Sports: Trophy Bass 2
Front Page Sports: Trophy Bass 2
Front Page Sports: Trophy Bass 2

Well Now, Having Reviewed And thoroughly enjoyed Trophy Bass 1, I can tell you for a fact that any fishermen who live south of Carolina, USA, who like tipping fishy sim freaks in this game, do not communicate in what we would call Her Majesty's Lingo. This is Hillbilly land. The locals may know a thing or two about bass, but I believe that's all they know about, apart from counting chickens.

And there's about six of them (and one chick) dying to tell you how to hook a haddock. God was a bit low on his stock of eyebrows w he made Carolina, and they we definitely in short supply on the FMVs here too. No one seemed to have a pair.

Anyway, enough about the Southerners, and into the lake. The Trophy Boss engine is identical to the first edition, thank goodness, because this is the best fishing sim to date.

A number of options are available, from a quickie down by the water, to a battle with computer simulated pros, on to a head-to-head version with 'friends' on the Net It is with this modem and network play that Trophy Bass 2 really makes a departure from its younger brother or 'fry'. Starting with a given lake (now from a choice of ten real ones), on a quick fish you can navigate your boat over the entire water - except when you try to go over land in a dingy, when a balloon has an annoying habit of popping up to restrain you by saying: "You cannot sail over dry land." Really? You mean I can't qo down Oxford street in narrow boat type of thing? Aawh.

But when you settle down and cast in your little spot (all fishermen have their little spot), the fish look, move and feel very realistically - sometimes they bite, sometimes they don't - just like the real thing. Waited half an hour and still no a bite? No problem - just delve into the tackle box son, and pull out a bigger lure, and don't forget to put some 'sniffy' on - that's Rotten Fish oil spray. Apparently, the pros reckon it turns the fish wild.

Your tackle box enables rod. line, lure and cast-style selections in one window, which is a vast improvement over Trophy Bass 1. Changing a lure and so on may increase the chance of a bite, or may not, and this is what makes Trophy Bass 2 so pleasing - it's so real and unpredictable. When you do get a bite it's important to strike at the f right time to hook the fish good and Kentucky, before you try to reel it in. This sometimes takes up to half an hour and feels like a proper fight. Just like down the boozer.

Don't worry if you know nothing about fishing. A casual gamer will enjoy Trophy Bass 2. It's very easy to learn in this game, just by listening to the FMV tips - I learnt more about how to catch fish than in the whole ten years I've spent piddling about in the river Mole, getting cold and wet. cursing and swearing at every branch, twig or weed that got anywhere near my tangled excuse for tackle. Fishing reels snarl-ups encourage hitherto unknown combinations of every curse and swear know to man. Thankfully this is eliminated in Trophy Bass 2.

When you've got the hang of how to strike and fight the fish with the mouse, you're well prepared for a tournament with the big boys (you'll see them in the intro demo, lowering their big hunky boats into the water). Nothing less than a 200hp V6 engine will do for these Cajun Coddlers. The tournament rules are pretty tough, so keep an eye on the clock and the new 'time remaining window', because you'll be penalised for late weigh-in.

After mastering the tournament, you're ready to go for Netplay to show off your angling skills, but remember your foe will see where you like to fish from, and race you there - I can see a fight on the line!

Sod the river Mole - Trophy Bass 2 is entirely my pleasure again ma'am.

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