Hammer of Virtue

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a game by No Pest Productions
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.0/10 - 1 vote
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Hammer of Virtue
Hammer of Virtue
Hammer of Virtue
Hammer of Virtue

In a world plagued by the oppressive force fields set up by the nefarious group Scientific Freedom, the fate of the planet rests in the hands of a single warrior. Hammer of Virtue thrusts players into an exhilarating action-packed adventure where combat skills and strategic thinking are key. With its fully destructible environments, emergent gameplay, and deliberate combat mechanics, Hammer of Virtue offers an immersive experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

Unleashing the Hammer

At the heart of Hammer of Virtue lies the protagonist's powerful weapon: the hammer. This devastating tool serves as a versatile tool for both offense and defense. Players can unleash their fury upon enemies by smashing the environment and hurling debris at foes, or opt for a more tactical approach by studying enemy movements and timing their strikes precisely. The deliberate combat system sets Hammer of Virtue apart, demanding players to read their opponents and act accordingly for victory.

With over 20 meticulously designed levels, Hammer of Virtue takes players on a wild ride through a variety of landscapes. From dark and foreboding forests to sprawling cityscapes, each location presents its own unique challenges and secrets to uncover. The game's fully destructible environments add a thrilling layer of immersion, allowing players to witness the devastating impact of their actions as they leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

Team Up or Battle It Out

Hammer of Virtue caters to both solo players seeking an enthralling single-player experience and those craving cooperative or competitive gameplay. With its split-screen co-op mode, players can team up with a friend to tackle the game's challenging levels together, combining their combat skills for maximum impact. On the other hand, the exhilarating deathmatch mode provides an opportunity to test your mettle against friends in intense PvP battles, utilizing the game's dynamic combat mechanics to outmaneuver and overpower opponents.

When comparing Hammer of Virtue to the critically acclaimed game Sifu, there are some notable differences in gameplay and approach. While Sifu focuses on martial arts combat and a unique aging mechanic, Hammer of Virtue offers a distinct experience with its emphasis on environmental destruction and deliberate combat using a powerful hammer. While both games provide engaging and skill-based combat, Hammer of Virtue's destructible environments and the ability to use the surroundings as weapons add an extra layer of tactical depth, setting it apart from the more focused and personal combat encounters found in Sifu.

Review: 8/10

Hammer of Virtue delivers an action-packed adventure that sets itself apart from its peers with its deliberate combat mechanics, fully destructible environments, and engaging gameplay. While the game may not offer extensive character progression or customization options, it more than compensates with its immersive world, strategic combat, and diverse enemy encounters.


The split-screen co-op and deathmatch modes provide additional replay value, offering players the chance to team up or battle it out with friends.


  • Immersive and fully destructible environments that enhance the sense of impact and engagement
  • Deliberate combat system demands strategic thinking and skillful execution
  • Engaging co-op and competitive multiplayer modes, allowing players to enjoy the game with friends
  • Meticulously designed levels with a variety of challenges and secrets to discover
  • A large bestiary of enemies adds depth and variety to the gameplay experience


  • Lack of character progression and loot may deter players seeking a more traditional RPG experience
  • Limited customization options for the protagonist and armor sets
  • Some players may find the deliberate combat system initially challenging and require a learning curve
  • The storyline and narrative could benefit from further development to enhance immersion and emotional investment

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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