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a game by Warpzone Studios
Platform: PC (2020)
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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A unique mining sim with heavy RPG elements scattered throughout, Hamerting is a game that borrows very little from other games of its genre. With its powerful visual direction and addictive gameplay loop, there are tons of things to see (and mine) in this dwarven adventure.

Despite its ambitious scope, Hammerting remains a bit rough around the edges. However, if you’re able to see beyond the irregularities, this is a real diamond in the rough and perfect for fans of micromanagement. If you’ve lots of patience and a knack for repetitive tasks, this might be a game you’d enjoy.

Underground Verticality

While war and destruction ravage the lands above, the dwarven civilizations thrive underground. The League of Methis is one of the most well-organized groups of dwarves there is, and your job will be to keep their mining affairs in order. Meanwhile, the Dread Horde enlists its best warriors to put an end to your mines, and your dwarf’s lives.

In Hammerting, every one of you dwarves has a unique personality that makes them better suited for each of the tasks of your mining operation. Much like Rimworld, dwarves are as colorful as they come, and their backstories influence their base stats, not to mention the fact that they have unique boosts or flaws depending on their interactions with other workers.

Crafting and Haggling

As most pieces of medieval fiction have taught us before, dwarves are highly skilled craftsmen. In Hammerting, looting and crafting are as important as mining, with better loot used for the crafting of even better equipment for your warriors or explorers. Since you’re never alone when you venture into the depths of the mines, you’d do well to go in well prepared.

Skilled warriors and well-equipped dwarves are generally better for business than other members of its kind, so it pays to be well-stocked in gear and tools. However, considering all the stuff you have to keep in mind to be successful in Hammerting, a good tutorial would have been nice.

The intro tutorial is not interactive and goes over most things at an obnoxiously fast pace, leaving you in the dark about most of the game’s mechanics. Additionally, the game’s UI is cluttered with info that’s never really fully explained to the player, turning most of the game into an exercise in frustration.

Mining Bugs

Being an early access game, it’s no surprise that Hammerting has many bugs still left in its code. However, things can get really ugly really quickly when it comes to the kind of glitches that are still present in the game. Crashes and game-breaking glitches are a common occurrence in a standard Hammerting session.

The obscure objectives are also one of the game’s most dire flaws, as it feels like players must complete task after menial task in order to progress in the game. While this model can make the game feel a bit longer than it actually is, the result is a repetitive experience that you either love or hate.


Hammerting is not perfect by any means: obscure mechanics, a cluttered UI, and a terrible tutorial ensure that the game can only be enjoyed by dedicated fans. However, the addictive gameplay and great visuals make it a game that’s worth a try.


  • Exploring the mines can be incredibly fun
  • Great visual design
  • Tons of crafting recipes and loot


  • Too many glitches
  • Horrible UI
  • Desperately in need of an interactive tutorial

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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