Kingdom: New Lands

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a game by Noio
Platform: PC (2016)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Kingdom: New Lands
Kingdom: New Lands
Kingdom: New Lands

If you are looking for a management game that really makes you think as you go along, then you might wish to try out Kingdom: New Lands. This popular title has been seen as a highly challenging management experience that blends side-scrolling pixel art with a deeply enjoyable experience that is loaded with intricate opportunities and gameplay loops that you might not have expected to find in such a release.

Create your own kingdom through strife

While finding a game that is directly like Kingdom: New Lands can be quite the challenge, you might find something akin to this in something like Rimworld or Going Medieval. However, the game does have its own little tricks that keep it from feeling truly similar to anything else you might have tried.

There is much to love about this particular title, but the detailed pixel art style is something that can easily make you play for hours. The game looks utterly gorgeous, with the landscapes and characters giving your imagination just enough to run with. The gameplay itself is pretty smart, too; you start out as a royal King or Queen, setting out to form a new kingdom on an island. You are given help via the ghost of a previous ruler, and you then need to find ways to build, thrive and grow your kingdom.

When night comes, you then need to defend your people from potential harm. The armies of the night will arrive to attack, so you need to find defences that can keep you safe. At the same time, you need to spend the day being busy enough to find new ways to up your income so that you can keep improving and developing your kingdom.

Addictive kingdom building done in style

The first thing you will note about this game is how both day and night offer such contrasting styles. During the day, you essentially do as much as you can to build your economy and then prepare for a siege at night.

You need to explore the island during the day, finding everything from chests to opportunity. At night, monsters attack that will look to steal tools, slaughter your people, and even try to take your crown itself.


The challenge is that you need to do all that you can to stay strong as you work through the day so that, when night comes, you are suitable protected and do not lose everything you worked for. With losing your crown meaning game over, you start again from scratch. With so much depth in what is a rather easy to master formula, this is a game that offers opportunity where similar titles would offer repetition.


  • Interesting theme and style makes playing this game a charm
  • Excellent gameplay loop that is easy to enjoy and to master
  • Amazing art style helps to ensure everything comes together


  • Perhaps lacks challenge once you master the day-to-day routine
  • Punishing; lose everything bar minimal boosts when you die

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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