Hi-Fi RUSH Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack

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a game by Tango Gameworks
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 3/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 1 vote
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Hi-Fi RUSH Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack
Hi-Fi RUSH Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack
Hi-Fi RUSH Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack
Hi-Fi RUSH Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack

Hi-Fi RUSH was an unexpected success. The game came all of the sudden and now it’s one of the best rhythm-based titles of all time. The thing with this is that everything related to Hi-Fi RUSH will be a success too. I was expecting some extra content to what was a relatively short adventure, but when the Hi-Fi RUSH Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack came in, I couldn’t be more disappointed.

The Content

This is all the content you’ll find in the Hi-Fi RUSH Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack:

  • Two new outfits for Chai
  • Seven new t-shirts for Chai
  • An 808-themed Guitar Skin
  • A new Skin for 808 Cat
  • 20000 gears

There’s not any new weapon available, or an extra stage, or some songs you can listen to whenever you want. That’s why I’m not too fond of this Upgrade Pack.

I’ve seen other Upgrade Packs, like the one for Borderlands 2, that include new weapons, new stages, new attacks, and overall, a new experience in the same base game. Well, this isn’t the case with Hi-Fi Rush Deluxe Edition Upgraded Pack; this DLC doesn’t change your game experience at all.

Are 20000 Gears a Game-Changing Feature? - Nope. They aren’t

You can get more than that in the first stage of the game if you explore every place carefully. And they will be insignificant if you are in the later stages of the game. I would prefer even more skins for Chai or the Guitar rather than 20000 Gears or something that would change Chai’s aspect completely. You can’t buy much with the 20000 Gears, but they are thought to be acquired when you open the game for the first time.

Switchable Clothes

A good thing about this DLC is that you can combine all of Chai’s clothes to create a good outfit for you; you have the flexibility of choosing the scarf, the trousers, the t-shirt, and the jacket you want to create the definitive outfit for you!

There are some games where you can’t change the pieces of your outfit, and it results in your character having an excellent jacket alongside a couple of dreadful shoes or a top-tier t-shirt covered with a horrible sweater.

In this case, this doesn’t happen, as you can create a plethora of outfits for Chai to use.

The 808 Cat-themed Guitar

It’s fair to say that the Cat-themed Guitar is excellent and it fits well with all of the outfits you can design. It’s not ugly and it stands out for its vibrant colors and details! In my opinion, the standard guitar isn’t something I like, even if it fits with Chai’s aesthetic, that’s why I love this new guitar!

The Cat With a Crown

808 Cat also gets skin with a crown. Let’s be real; no one hates 808 Cat, that’s why he’s the GOAT and he deserves a crown!

Rate: 3/10

Even though I like the additions of this Upgrade Pack, I don’t feel like it’s a must. It doesn’t change the gameplay at all and only adds details that you’ll notice the first time you play and then, you’ll totally forget about it, including the crown for 808 Cat.

Also, the 20000 Gears is such a low amount of gears even if you are starting to play, so, including this in a DLC is more of something you add at the last moment instead of something you planned to have.


In short, you won’t enjoy Hi-Fi RUSH more or less with this Upgrade Pack.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent Skins for the Guitar and 808 Cat
  • It’s good to let you switch between clothes to create a good outfit


  • It doesn’t change your gameplay experience at all

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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