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a game by People Can Fly
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 7.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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The last few years within the gaming industry has been one that hasn’t featured a wealth of pure cover shooters. It’s a genre that was huge within the seventh generation of gaming but has since seen a decline of sorts. Now, Square Enix, the undisputed kings and queens of the JRPG wouldn’t be the publisher you would expect to try and revive the cover shooter genre but against all odds, they are aiming to do so with Outriders.

This game aims to take features from plenty of wonderful past titles to offer a comprehensive cover shooter experience. This game plays rather like Destiny, Uncharted, Gears of War, The Division and takes narrative inspiration from sci-fi heavy titles like Mass Effect or Halo. It’s a blend of action, looting and storytelling that all culminates to offer an experience unlike most of the titles within the genre. However, is it a lifeless treasure hunt or an addictive return to form for the genre? We find out in our review of Outriders.

More Than an Afterthought

One thing that Destiny has been guilty of as a franchise is making players really work hard to piece together a story. Sure, there is lore to be found, some of which exclusively on an online database. However, as a whole, it can make the game feel like a hollow experience. The Outriders developers have clearly seen the drawbacks of this format and strived to offer story-heavy elements within their game that are rich in narrative, even if you are just doing minor side quests. This is an excellent decision by the developer and really helps players gel with the brand-new IP.

Then with regards to the environments you visit and the world-building, it’s another area that we have to commend. There was always a worry that Square would repeat their mistakes when they produced Marvel’s Avengers. That titles levels and world-building was good in parts but largely repetitive and without nuance. Thankfully Enoch feels like a fleshed out and brilliantly realized sci-fi world that begs to be explored.

A Versatile Progression System

The gameplay is dictated by the player and their choices as they grow their character. You’ll have access to a skill tree that is quick to award the player with a variety of passive buffs and a series of skills and abilities that will lead to your characters specification. However, if you ever want to switch things up, the game allows you to reallocate your perks and stats which encourages experimentation.

Then with regards to the loot system, it takes a very Borderlands style of approach to this. There is a plethora of great loot but the highest quality loot is hard to come by. Meaning that you get loot regularly and the endorphins that come with that but are still compelled to play on in search of more. It’s a great system and one that keeps players hooked for the long haul.

Then in terms of the gameplay, the mechanics are tight, the missions are fun and varied. The weapon variety makes combat fun even after hundreds of encounters and each enemy has its own skill set and weaknesses, meaning you’ll have to know your foe if you want to beat them on a regular basis.

The Verdict

While Outriders provides a great initial experience, it’s hard to put a figure on this title considering most of its success will be determined by the months that follow this review. At the moment, the game offers a strong base to build on, great mechanics, a surprisingly strong narrative aspect and an intriguing world to explore.


We have to admit, visually this game doesn’t stand up to the other AAA games of the moment but as a whole, this is a great foundation and hopefully, this IP will do big things in the coming year.


  • Great progression, loot and combat systems
  • Surprisingly deep narrative
  • Interesting setting


  • Visuals are average at best
  • Very undetailled textures in areas
  • The genre of game limits the scope of what this title can be

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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