Pokemon Blue Version

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Platform: GameBoy
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.7/10 - 38 votes
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Pokemon Blue Version
Pokemon Blue Version
Pokemon Blue Version

Pokemon: Blue (and its partner game, Pokemon: Red) is a fantastic adventure through the island region of Kanto. Developed by Game Freaks, the game mixes roleplaying elements with exploration and collectibles. The gameplay is easy to learn, but there's a deep amount of strategy too. Despite its low-resolution graphics, it manages to evoke plenty of charm and joy. It's one of the first entries in the Pokemon franchise, which has gone on to garner worldwide popularity. Essentially, it's the game that started the Pokemon craze across the world, and it's a load of fun.

Your journey starts in Pallet Town, where you name your character and set out exploring. After a brief run in with your hometown rival, you go visit the friendly Professor Oak. Professor Oak gives you the option between three starting Pokemon: Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander. Once you've made your choice, you'll take up the quest to become Pokemon Master! This quest requires you to catch and train a team of Pokemon, pitting them against other trainers throughout the world. As you explore new cities and locations, you'll be able to take on Pokemon Gym Leaders. These tough trainers mark your progress, and they're a fun way to test your skill. Along the way, you'll run into your hometown rival, a group of criminals known as Team Rocket, and a slew of other fun characters. Overall, the story and themes of Pokemon are inspiring and upbeat, and it's an exciting journey to the top.

When it comes to catching Pokemon and building your team, you have a pretty decent selection. As you move through new environments, you'll discover new Pokemon in the wild. To catch them, you'll fight them in turn-based battles. Once the Pokemon becomes weakened, you use a Pokeball to attempt to catch them. If successful, you can put that Pokemon on your team and utilize their unique powers and moves. All told, there are over 150 unique Pokemon to find, and each one is often cool or personable. Some resemble common animals like birds and rats, whereas others are majestic underwater creatures or legendary elemental birds. Discovering and catching every unique Pokemon is your ultimate objective, and it's a fun one.

The other major aspect of gameplay is battling, which you'll spend quite a bit of time doing. Battling wild Pokemon and other trainers is one of the main ways you'll level up your team of Pokemon. Each Pokemon has certain moves and abilities, and fall into a specific type. A Pokemon's type is usually elemental: water, earth, fire, electric, and so on. Some types are super effective against others, and it's fun to experiment and find out what works. After you select the Pokemon to use in battle, you simply select your attack and try to survive. The main focus is learning the strengths and weaknesses of various types, and using that knowledge to pick the right Pokemon from your team.

Overall, Pokemon Blue is an insanely memorable and addictive role playing adventure. Your quest to collect every unique Pokemon will take you dozens of hours, and it's one that never feels too boring. Battling is fun and easy to learn, and defeating Gym Leaders and collecting their badges feel like an achievement. The music is catchy and fun, and the locations are varied and interesting. If you're a fan of trading card games, turn-based RPGs, or whimsical adventures, you should definitely try out Pokemon Blue.

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