Pokemon Sacred Gold

Download Pokémon Sacred Gold, a fan-made enhancement of the classic Pokémon HeartGold. Experience new challenges, updated Pokémon, and expanded gameplay as you traverse the familiar world of Johto and Kanto. Can you become the ultimate Pokémon Master once again? Play now!
a game by Drayano
Platform: DS
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.3/10 - 20 votes
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Pokemon Sacred Gold
Pokemon Sacred Gold
Pokemon Sacred Gold

Today I am talking about Pokémon Sacred Gold which is a pretty famous hack of Pokemon Heart Gold on the Nintendo DS. From what I understand the same dude who did the fun Blaze Black and Volt White mods did this. It has a very similar style to those previous hacks and if you liked the more intense and harder kind of challenge, they provided you will probably get a real kick out of this.

The Same, But Expanded

Let me start by saying that the story has not been radically changed, neither has the region that you will be trying to capture them all in. However, despite the familiar feel to it, Pokémon Sacred Gold manages to have a lot of its own personality. The person behind the hack has actually dabbled with adding in a new story arc which I think is kind of cool, but as I write this review it is not fully realized.

Pokémon & Trainers!

What really makes this a must-play for me is the sheer roster of Pokémon. The game features close to 500 Pokémon so that means that the entire fourth generation of Pokémon is here! That means you can pretty much have any dream team of Pokémon that you would want which is really cool. The trainers have also been alerted in the game. They have had their rosters changed which not only makes each battle (especially gym battles) more interesting it makes them much more challenging as some of them can have really challenging teams of Pokémon for you to overcome.

The XP moves even types of Pokémon can have changes to them as well. One of the most fun things about this hack is the way that Pokémon Sacred Gold makes you smile when you come across a section you remember well from Heart Gold, but notice the changes that have been made here.

Hard As A Rock!

Make no bones about it, what you have here is a very challenging experience. This is a game that will kick your butt big time! As someone who has spent a ton of time with the original Heart Gold, I loved the more challenging gameplay that this provided. On the flip side of this, I think that you really do have to be a Pokémon fan to truly appreciate what has been done here. Not only that, but I also feel that this is a game for those who are quite skilled at Pokémon.

I think that Pokémon Sacred Gold is a solid hack of Heart Gold. There is another version out there called Storm Silver, but from what I can tell it is pretty much the same game as this one. If you are a fan of Pokémon, especially if you love the fourth generation. I really do think that this is worth checking out as you will most probably really appreciate the challenge this is throwing at you.

Final Score: 8/10


  • The game has the entire fourth generation for you to capture
  • It is very challenging
  • Great if you have played Heart Gold to death
  • I like the way the trainers have different squads of Pokémon
  • An attempt was made at adding in story


  • The new story is not quite there yet
  • Some may be put off by the difficulty

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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