Pro Pinball

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a game by Interplay Productions
Genres: Action, Board Games
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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For longer than video games have been around, pinball has been a mainstay in arcades everywhere. It s no wonder that there have been more than a few pinball conversions for home systems.

Pro Pinball continues this fine tradition in winning style on the PlayStation. Interplay has created a pinball game which is more than just run-of-the-mill. Included in the mix are special bonus games, ramps, combos and more. The graphics for the game board are in color, but the scoreboard is a monochrome color, giving the player that true arcade feel. Points are displayed and cinemas are played out on the monochrome screen during bonus games.

Also included in the game is a Slide Show Option. This allows the gamer to check out the graphics on the board close up. so that during play, areas of the board that can't be seen as easily will be recognizable.

Combos will juice up your score, and they are done by repeating a move twice in a row. During a fast frenzy, up to four balls can appear on the board at once, which gets pretty hectic. Frenzies usually help your score by giving you a few combos and bonuses along the way.

Pro Pinball's bonus games are where it really stands out from other games on the market. At the top of the board is where these bonus games are activated. The missions that you'll face include destroying an ammo depository, preventing a shuttle from taking off, defeating a biker and working your way up a skyscraper.

To get points during the missions. you need to hit the ball over the lighted ramps or bumpers. Each time this is done, the mission completion counter goes up a little. There's no need to complete the mission in order to gain extra points, but if you do, the bonus will be huge.

Power levels help determine your bonus when you lose a life, and are counted each time you make a circle around the board.

If pinball is what you're looking for, then look no further than Pro Pinball on the PlayStation. It delivers a big pinball bang on the small screen.

  • MANUFACTURER - Interplay
  • DIFFICULTY - Variable
  • THEME - Pinball

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

People say:


What's the deal with the load of pinball games out lately? Pro Pinball is a nice-looking game with some realistic features, but the game really lacks some things that I think are Important In any pinball game. First, there Is only one table. Let's face It, for $50 or more, one table just doesn't cut it. There should be al least three to choose Iron, Secondly the sound Is Irritating. The male voice-over comes off harsh and kind of sounds like a stereotypical cabbie. The music doesn't always fit the style of the game either. The game does play well, and the combo ramps and loops are a cool feature. Overall, it would get old kind of fast.


All I have lo say Is, 'Just one table??? I love pinball, but video pinball is hard lo cope wilt (it just can't come close to the real thing). Pro Pinball is excellent for being a video pinball game. It has plenty of combos and loops and mini-games. You can also choose plenty of options, like the viewing angle of the table. That particular option is especially Important, since no one seems to agree what angle Is best for playing pinball on a television screen. All of this, however, does not compensate for only having one board to play on. It's a great board, but it'll get old real quick. Look for belter pinball packages.


I have no real complaints about the pinball table presented In this game. It has plenty of bonus games (which are played on an authentic-looking digital screen), mulliball capabilities and even a ball-grabbing magnet. The balls appear to obey the laws of physics, loo. It's just that once I played the table for a while and got a little tired of it, I was ready to play a different one. Tough luck for me-PB only packs one table. That's too bad, considering that all other console pinball games come with at least four tables. PB Just Isn't a very good deal. Your view of the table can be awkward at times, too, since there's no overhead view.


Hey look, another pinball title to add to the dust-gathering collection on players' shelves. Pro Pinball fits in well with all the other pinball titles currently out there. It's got cool cinemas, so players who like watching a monochrome space shuttle move across the top of the screen are in luck. It's also got gaming features such as multiball to keep its ancestry in mind. But beyond this, players are out of tuck. Although Pro Pinball Is a typical attempt at a game in a growing genre, the play just doesn't excite me any more than the last pinball game that came our way. Fun if you like pinball, But I've had enough of the same old, same old.

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