Sports Illustrated: Golf Classic

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Platform: GameBoy
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Sports Illustrated: Golf Classic
Sports Illustrated: Golf Classic
Sports Illustrated: Golf Classic
Sports Illustrated: Golf Classic

Eager to whack some golf balls, but winter weather won't let you? Try out this new game for the Super Game Boy. While not the classic its title suggests, SI Golf still offers a satisfying, easy golfing experience.

Tee Time!

Did we say easy? Sports Illustrated Golf Classic is clearly for the beginner: The manual defines every golfing term and rule, so if you don't know the pin from a hole in the ground, this game's a good place to start. Plus, you only have two courses, which further limits the complexity.

However, SI Golf does offer some of the strategy veteran duffers expect. After surveying the course from an overhead view, you select the appropriate club from the 12 available, adjust for the wind, then time your button presses to properly execute your shot. There aren't tons of strategic options, and the controls are easy to master, so you'll soon send that ball flyin' accurately.

Hit the Green

The graphics are colorful and clear. However, the ball is as small as an atom on the ground, and the overhead view of your small, stiffly swinging golfer isn't very involving. At least the stats are uncluttered and easy to read.

The sounds don't add much. The background music percolates along, and the sound effects are average.

If you want an introduction to the golfing world without all the complicated texture mapping, stroke meters, and complicated options that some other games have, then hit the SI links.


  • Switch to a low-numbered iron if you land in the rough far from the pin.
  • If you're a nov ice gamer, choose one of the amateur players. Their shots are easier to control.
  • Always check the lay of the land and identify all hazards before you tee up.

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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