The Guild 2

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a game by 4HEAD Studios
Platform: PC (2006)
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 4 votes
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The Guild 2
The Guild 2
The Guild 2
The Guild 2

Games Set In Nottingham without Robin Hood are rare. The shit castle (really just a big house) and the wonderland that is Situls Gift Shop (specialising in dry-ice dragon fountains and cockshaped pasta) - all these things are ignored in gaming's gamut Thanks to chronology, they remain ignored in The Guild 2, a medieval life-sim set in the 15th century.

The Guild 2 is the same thoughtful, k entertaining and mostly thrills-free type of affair as its predecessor, Europa 1400: The Guild. If anything, it suffers from being too similar in scope, and it's probably best suited to the curious, thinky gamer who either missed out on the first game or really, really loved it. A lot of people did - you're not alone.

The goals are still free-form in a rather tramlined sort of way - set up a business, get on the council, give presents to some peasant until they let you get on top. Then put the freeloading pregnant tart to work in the shop. Rinse and . repeat for two centuries, then you should rule the Midlands. You can be an alchemist, scholar or robber, too, if you get off on being mental, clever or a git.

It's ambitious and quirky, and it does offer some reward if you've got the patience. But it looks fairly dated, and is only really for the devotee of life-sim games, feeling as it does like a semi-precious curiosity.

It's well translated, though. When the Tom Baker-esque narrator leers, "Someone has insulted your delicate nose", it's genuinely funny. And when I gave the command for my lovebirds to finally get sack-nasty, the random phrase he chose to blurt out was: "Stop pretending you're tired". I really did raise a sordid eyebrow at the semi-consensual feel to the whole affair. Good work!

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