Your Only Move Is HUSTLE

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a game by Ivy Sly
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review, 2 reviews are shown
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Your Only Move Is HUSTLE
Your Only Move Is HUSTLE
Your Only Move Is HUSTLE
Your Only Move Is HUSTLE

Your Only Move Is HUSTLE challenges the traditional fighting game formula by offering players a unique turn-based experience that combines intense online PvP battles with a sandbox for creating captivating fight scenes. This game revolutionizes the genre by allowing players to plan their every move using the power of precognition, eliminating the need for complex combo memorization. With its accessible gameplay and impressive features, Your Only Move is Hustle sets a new standard for turn-based fighting games.

A Fresh Approach to Turn-Based Fighting

Your Only Move is Hustle breaks away from the traditional real-time combat of fighting games and introduces turn-based mechanics that enhance strategic decision-making. By giving players the ability to anticipate their opponent's moves, the game fosters a more thoughtful and calculated style of gameplay. This departure from the norm not only challenges players' tactical skills but also offers a refreshing and engaging experience.

The game's accessible controls and intuitive interface make it easy for newcomers to jump in and enjoy the action. With its TAS-inspired controls, players can execute precise maneuvers and unleash devastating combos with ease. The expressive combo system encourages creativity, allowing players to develop unique fighting styles and discover powerful synergies between moves. The depth of the game lies not only in its accessible gameplay but also in the ever-growing movesets of each character, which adds depth and uniqueness to the overall experience.

Unleash Your Imagination in Cinematic Fight Scenes

Your Only Move is Hustle goes beyond traditional multiplayer battles by offering a single-player mode dedicated to crafting cinematic fight scenes. Players can relish in the role of a director as they choreograph epic encounters, creating breathtaking replays of their battles. This feature allows players to showcase their creativity and share their most memorable moments with friends and the game's community.

The game's anime-inspired visuals and lighting-fast battle simulations create an unprecedented level of spectacle. Each fight scene is infused with an explosive rush of action, ensuring that players are constantly engaged and thrilled by the intense battles. The defensive options available to players empower them to regain control even in unfavorable situations, further enhancing the strategic depth of the game.

When comparing Your Only Move is Hustle to similar games in the genre, it stands out due to its innovative turn-based mechanics. While games like Street Fighter and Tekken prioritize real-time combat, Your Only Move is Hustle introduces a unique twist by providing players with the ability to plan their moves in advance. This departure from the norm breathes new life into the fighting game genre and appeals to players who seek a more cerebral approach to combat.

Review: 8/10

Your Only Move is Hustle captivates players with its fresh take on turn-based fighting games. The combination of accessible gameplay, expressive combat mechanics, and the ability to craft cinematic fight scenes sets it apart from its peers.


The game's anime-inspired visuals and fast-paced battles deliver an unprecedented level of spectacle that keeps players engaged and entertained. The ever-growing movesets of each character provide depth and replayability, ensuring that players can continually explore new strategies and styles.


  • Innovative turn-based mechanics that enhance strategic decision-making
  • Expressive combo system fosters creativity and unique gameplay styles
  • Spectacular anime-inspired visuals and lighting-fast battle simulations
  • Single-player mode for crafting cinematic fight scenes adds a new dimension to the game
  • Ever-growing movesets make each character feel deep and unique


  • Limited roster of characters may leave some players craving more variety
  • The online lobby system could benefit from additional features and improvements

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Your Only Move Is HUSTLE is an innovative 2D action-fighting game with excellent physics, where the player fights step-by-step at tremendous speed. The fighter can plan his attacks and defenses. Planning is the player's best weapon. Control the order of your character's movements, plan combos.


  • The player goes online with random opponents or friends
  • Use edged weapons in battles, unlock blades
  • Record the duel so you can revisit the best moments later. Battles look like art

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