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What do you get when you mix Nazis, mutants, the occult, parasitic monsters and throw in a sexy anti-heroine, half-vampire secret agent? You get the latest game developed by Terminal Reality and it rocks. It's a welcome relief for the Xbox gamer, looking for a decent game to buy.

Everything about BloodRayne is polished; from the full colored manual & voice talents to the well crafted cut sequences. You control agent BloodRayne, a Dhampir (offspring of a human and a vampire), working for the Brimestone Society to eliminate supernatural threats. The game starts you in Louisiana, but eventually you get on the trail of the Nazi's (everyone's favorite occult hunting villains) and travel to Argentina and Germany to systematically eliminate the threat.

The level of detail in this game is high, including a Nazi complex, where I broke open a box to reveal the Ark of the Covenant. I don't know how many gamers noticed this, but they included it. The developers had no qualms about borrowing concepts from games or movies, doing whatever it took to produce one hot game. I especially liked the ability to alter Rayne's perceptions. Dilated Perception puts you into Matrix-like mode, allowing you to dodge bullets (ala Max Payne only better) and view gratuitous violence in slow motion. If that isn't enough for you, you increase the level of difficulty in the game or enter cheats to unlock modes like extreme decapitation.

The controls are easy to use and customize to fit your own style. Your range of attacks includes blades hinged to your wrists, a harpoon attack that allows you to impale and yank opponents, along with firearms and explosives that you pick up along the way. Need to heal yourself? Take a bite and suck down some blood'it kills them but heals you.

It's a safe bet that you haven't seen the last of Rayne. If you want a mature title that earns its rating and offers a great gaming experience, then this is the guilty pleasure that you've been looking for.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Sucking blood has never been so en vogue since Winona Ryder got S&M saucy with vampire Gary Oldman in 1992's Bram Stoker's Dracula. Nowadays, if you don't have a movie, TV show or vid coming out where no drop of blood goes unswallowed, like get with it already!

Looks like Terminal Reality got with it just in time with their latest action title, Bloodrayne. Not only does 'Rayne serve up every goth boy's dream girl, Nazis and a shady occult underworld, its ulndiana Jones meets gun-fu action rivals big names like Max Payne.

Set sometime in the early 1900s to 1930s, Bloodrayne, a covert operative of an unnamed organization specializing in the paranormal, is the only one standing between Hitler and an artifact harboring tremendous power. But Hitler couldn't have asked for a more lethal blockade.

Heightened touch, taste, smell and sight, as well as superhuman strength and agility come naturally to this half-vampire, thus allowing her to pounce off and up virtually anything that stands still for a second (including a Nazi shooting right at her). John Woo-style mid-air side-shoulder slides, cartwheels and more acrobatic finesse quintessential in today's action hero, Bloodrayne sports a slick repertoire the Wachowski Brothers would be proud of.

Bloodrayne's svelte body also lets her carry all manner of drop-dead gizmos--up to eight different weapons ranging from rocket launchers to a Mortal Kombat "get over here" spear--on her back, hips and ankles. And yes, double fisting any pair of weapons at once is another one of her specialties. And if Bloodrayne's mobile arsenal isn't enough, piss her off good and an ability called Bloodlust kicks in, which lets her choose whether she wants to slow time down (Slow Mo), sniper-zoom in on an enemy (Zoom), or scan who in the vicinity's got the most nutritional bang for their blood (Aura).

The last of this trinity, Aura, is an essential feature in 'Rayne since drinking blood is Bloodrayne's sole source of health. No medical packs or painkillers for this sister. She'll only drink the hot liquid of the living, even if the living happens to be missing half his body and is smart (or dumb) enough to crawl desperately away from his slasher. This point also brings up another impressive touch to 'Rayne's overall gameplay. Smart Nazis.

Nazis will struggle to release their necks from Bloodrayne's sticky fangs, call for reinforcements, continue shooting even while lying in a blood pool, or crawl away in cowardice. So needless to say, Bloodrayne will be up to her neck in killer opportunities. OK, guilty for excessive use of puns, but you get the picture.

With four expansive locales spanning Louisiana to Argentina, fully destroyable environments, hidden passages, some secret drivable vehicles (Terminal Reality's real hush-hush about this), and at only 20 percent complete with ample time for tweaks, 'Rayne's set up for success. So keep those fangs sharp and shiny. Expectations will be high this fall, and Bloodrayne doesn't wait for anybody.

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