Bloom: Memories

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a game by Studio Fawn
Platform: PC (2021)
Editor Rating: 7.3/10, based on 2 reviews
User Rating: 7.5/10 - 4 votes
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Bloom: Memories
Bloom: Memories
Bloom: Memories

We love indie RPGs for the sole reason that they are developed under the vise of player nostalgia. More often than not, these games will tap into the mechanics and narratives that we adored growing up. Bloom: Memories is one of those passion projects that seek to deliver a classic isometric RPG with a new set of environment-based gameplay.

Bloom: Memories is still in development by a small team - but we've seen just enough to get excited about the game. Instead of giving players set rules and reasons for doing what they do on their adventures - the approach to the story will be in your hands. Every action in this game - both player and NPC - has some motive behind it. How is this going to play out?

The Nostalgia is in Season

There is little that we know in the narrative of this game. But what we've figured is that a war is brewing in the world. Every creature seems to be on edge, and that's setting the foundations for the core mechanics of this game - everything matters. Bloom: Memories is reminiscent of a classic top-down RPG with a similar interface, management, and player control. However, the intrigue of the gameplay is how players will approach the game.

Each creature takes on its own personality. It will run through the world based on its realistic traits - it might be hungry, upset, curious, or gleeful. They will interact with you based on its current standpoint - not just attack when you come across it. And that's also where things get interesting - killing things is purely optional. You've presented the opportunity to traverse this colossal world keeping your blade sheathed throughout.

We have yet to see the extent that these types of interactions bring to gameplay. However, the level design already looks exciting. There are many environments to explore, each with its own creatures, puzzles, items, and stories to discover. The sheer scale of diversity sets the tone for a world of lore to uncover - a nostalgic RPG player's dream.

From the first views of gameplay, it would seem plenty of players would be content just to explore. However, the unique approach speaks that choice will matter in this story-rich environment. Perhaps the game's scope is why it's taking a while to see the light of day. At this point, we're very excited to see what the final outcome will be.

A New Classic in the Making?

'Bloom: Memories' has clearly taken pages out of the classic isometric RPG notebooks. The visuals, worlds, and characters. They are all reminiscent of games like Baldur's Gate and Secret of Mana. Most of us will feel there's nothing wrong with that if we are given a decent offering.

By the looks of it, the advanced NPC intelligence will provide quite the RPG experience.


Presently, Bloom: Memories looks like a classic and plays like a modern RPG. It delivers a refreshing yet nostalgic experience for players. That should be enough for us to anticipate an official release date for the game.


  • A beautiful-looking RPG developed under classic terms
  • Integration of advanced AI to make gameplay unique
  • Large, diverse world to explore


  • Not much information about narrative yet
  • Limited presentation on anticipated gameplay

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Bloom: Memories is an action/adventure game with some touches of RPG here and there. Developed by StudioFawn the title takes a lot of inspiration from the classics, and it was originally to be released for PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and pretty unusual Android. Games like this can be pretty unique when they get things done right, but it isn't often you hear about Bloom: Memories.

What happened to this title? And how it disappeared from apparently everywhere? Well, let’s see what the game is all about and you can judge it for yourself.

About the game

Set in a fantasy world where the remains of what in the past were machines, start gaining soulless life, and they are ready to reclaim domain over the world. Even though there’s resistance, the guardians of the lands start falling mercilessly, impotent against the unstoppable movement of the living, hollow, empty beings.

Even though there are many rumors as to the origins of their coming to life, an unjust one thing is known with full certainty.: The nucleus of the corruption that gave them life is the Eternals. They are neither men nor machines, but perversions of life itself.

One day among the Eternals a strange woman flew away, and even though she too was one of these abominations, there was something different about her: she was pregnant. By running away, the mysterious woman wanted to prevent her son from becoming a monster, and she was lucky enough to be welcomed by a ring that inhabited the depths of the forest. And that’s how the main character of Bloom: Memories, and so our adventure begins.


The game has a story mode with one of the main mechanics being the Linked Hearts, which comes from the connection between the protagonist and its mother. His is represented by 5 hearts on the top of the screen that represents health, but they will also react to the emotional context, whether they are broken or giving more vitality to the character.

There's also the life and energy bars, and they are combined, which implies the simplification of the UI but also makes the game harder. You'll have to think your moves through and use a lot of strategy in combat, otherwise, you might end up dying from using your moves.

There are plenty of abilities and movements to unlock, and there are a lot of puzzles that greatly resemble The Legend Of Zelda games. Bloom: Memories has been under development for such a long time it's hard to even know if the game is coming out. As of now, it is still on early access, and that by itself takes a lot of points out of the game.


Aside from that, it is a promising title, with an interesting story, nice art, interesting gameplay, and more. However, it lacks something to make it stand out. Aside from the great artistic department of the game, it doesn't have much going for it.


  • Great Art
  • Interesting Story
  • Original gameplay


  • It's been in development for a long time
  • Not very interesting
  • Feels dull

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