Bomberman World

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a game by Hudson Soft
Genre: Action
Platform: Playstation
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 2 reviews, 4 reviews are shown
User Rating: 5.5/10 - 4 votes
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This guy sure gets around! That's right, Hudson is developing yet another new version of the classic Bomberman series, this time for the PlayStation.

Bomberman World (shown at TGS as "PlayStation Bomberman") takes the classic Bomberman style and introduces a CG-rendered look to it, as well as an angled isometric viewpoint that offers a nice change from the classic overhead view from past Bombermans. This time, four magical crystals that were being used to contain evil demons have suddenly weakened, allowing the demons to escape and wreak havoc in outer space. As usual, it's up to Bomberman to save the day.

There are five worlds with five areas in each. After defeating the demon Bosses on each of the first four worlds, you'll gain access to the fifth and final world where the Darkforce Bomber awaits. Meanwhile, you'll have to collect Crystal Pieces that are necessary to seal the demons back where they escaped from. And as is the case with all the Bomberman games, there's a Battle Mode where up to five players can go at it with each other. Like Saturn Bomberman, each of the battle stages is themed--one of them even has a UFO catcher that will try to grab you and move you to a different area of the screen! Sounds pretty cool...

Bomberman World will be out in Japan in December. With luck, a U.S. version won't be far behind.

  • MANUFACTURER - Hudson Soft

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

Hudson's first PlayStation Bomberman game is headed our way later this year courtesy of Atlus. Unlike the recent N64 version of Bomberman and its upcoming sequel, Bomberman World is more of a traditional B-man game. The gameplay is essentially 2D, but all of the characters and playfields are polygonal, and the overhead view is now isometric.

Bomberman World has three different main modes of play (Normal, Battle and Challenge), each with several sub-modes of its own. The Normal game features 25 stages (five worlds with five areas in each) of traditional Bomberman play. The object is to collect crystals on each stage which open up doors that allow you to move on to the next stage. The usual assortment of power-ups and vehicles are in abundance this time as well. The Battle Mode (what Bomberman is all about) allows up to five people to go at it on 10 different themed stages in one of two modes (Battle Royal and Maniac Mode). There's also a new Challenge Mode where you get to choose a certain preselected batch of power-ups and then play as far as you can without dying or running out of time.

In addition to saving your place with a password, you'll now be able to use the Memory Card to save if you wish. Also, the U.S. version of Bomberman World will now support the Dual Shock controller (a nice enhancement). Watch for it this October. Bomberman World's 3D graphics are pretty at times, but the gameplay is still very much old-school B-man. This time around, the Battle Mode features 10 different stages and eight characters to choose from.

Bomberman finally blasts his way onto the PlayStation in Bomberman World, an entertaining game that offers some new features while still retaining that classic multiplayer appeal.

A Blast from the Past

Those familiar with Bomberman from previous game incarnations will be prepared for what's in store.You can play solo in Story mode versus the Dark Force Bombers in five worlds full of intricate maps, enemies, and traps.

But as everyone knows, the most amusing part of any Bcmberman game is die multiplayer mode where up to five players face off on 10 battlegrounds for head-to-head action. Each arena provides different features--moving barriers, conveyor belts, warp holes, etc.--that affect bombing strategies. Twenty power-ups enhance gameplay with cool effects like bouncy bombs, detonator bombs, and the ability to walk through walls.

Bombs Away

Smooth, responsive controls make this an easy game to just pick up and play. As for sounds, the classic Bomberman tunes and sound effects have been nicely revamped in digital stereo.

Visually, the graphics are sharp, but the angled perspective is not as effective as the classic direct camera view of a flat field for lining up bombs and keeping an eye on all the traffic. In addition, some backgrounds are a little too detailed, and its easy to lose track of everything amid the kaleidoscope of colors.

As a solo adventure game, Bomberman World is standard gaming fun. As a multiplayer party game, Bomberman World is an event Fire in the hole!


  • Drop high-range bombs near exits so you can slip safely to the opposite end of the field.
  • Zig-zag safely across the field by dropping bombs and Immediately turning the opposite corner.
  • If cornered, eating poison and contaminating opponents may be the best offensive.
  • Take out oesky monkey snipers by bombing their trees.

Bomberman World is finally ready to explode onto the PlayStation as the classic party game returns with all-new features that are sure to blow gamers' minds. Along with the frantic multiplayer games (Single Match, Tag Team, and Maniac modes), Bomberman World offers a one-player Story mode packed with 30 levels, power-ups, and bosses. And for fans who actually want to feel the rumble of their explosions, BW is compatible with the Dual Shock controller. Other features include seven new characters, special vehicles, and a five-player battle mode. Da bomb is back, and should hit stores in September.

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