Bug Fables

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a game by Moonsprout Games
Platform: PC (2019)
Editor Rating: 9.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Bug Fables
Bug Fables
Bug Fables
Bug Fables

As soon as I heard that Bug Fables was like a certain RPG series, I knew that this was the game for me. It has a level of charm to it that is impossible to describe and I would wager that anyone who sees the trailer or even just a few screenshots of this gorgeous looking game are going to be interested in seeing what this crazy RPG adventure where you play as a gang of bugs is all about.

Finding The Everlasting Sapling

The story that Bug Fables is telling is fantastic and made me laugh on many occasions. In this bug world, there is a fabled everlasting sapling that is said to grant bugs immortality.

Two bugs, Vi (a bee) and Kabbu (some kind of beetle thing) decide they want in on this and they are joined by another bug called, Leif (a cool as ice moth) and they set out on an epic journey to try and find it. Of course, they come across many kooky characters and side quests along the way and that just adds to the fun of the story.

Are You Made Of Paper?

The series that Bug Fables is based around I alluded to earlier is the classic Paper Mario games, most notably, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. While the game does not go full paper mode like that did, it does have a very similar kind of style. The three main bugs are full of personality with Vi the bee being my personal favorite, the whole world has a kind of chibi look to it and I love it. There is a lot of variety to the levels too, with many of your classic RPG tropes being here, but in a style that is fitting to this bug world. It is all brought together with a fantastic soundtrack that is perfect for the game.

It Is Your Turn To Attack

If you have played the first two Paper Mario games, the battle system in Bug Fables is going to feel very familiar. Basically, your three bugs take their turns and then the enemies take theirs. There is a bit of strategy involved here as each bug can do their own thing. Vi can use her beerang to attack enemies in the air, Kabbu can flip enemies with his horns and Leif can freeze enemies. Using their various attacks and using them in the right order is key to getting through the battles. One wrong move and your whole fight could end! It is a system that is easy to learn, but with many little “things” that make it far deeper than it first seems.

What Is That Over There?

As well as battles, Bug Fables also encourages you to explore. This is a fairly decent sized world and I found the various characters so interesting that I wanted to interact with everyone I saw. There are many side quests and missions that you can partake in as well, so there is a lot for you to do in this game and it will take a fair bit of time before the credits roll.

I had an excellent time with Bug Fables and as someone who is a fan of the Paper Mario series, this feels far more like a Paper Mario game than any other game has done since the days of the Nintendo Game Cube.


The thing is, while that series may be a clear inspiration, this is a tremendous RPG in its own right and a game that could not be any easier for me to recommend. I had so much fun with the Steam version of this I ended up paying way more than I should for the physical version of the game on the Nintendo Switch from Limited Run Games!


  • I fell in love with these three characters
  • The story is well written and a lot of fun
  • There is a lot to do in the game
  • It truly does feel like a Paper Mario game!


  • The prices of the physical version are getting up there!
  • It makes you realize just how different the modern Paper Mario games are from the original two

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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