Diluvian Ultra

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a game by Crest Helm Studios
Platform: PC (2022)
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Diluvian Ultra
Diluvian Ultra
Diluvian Ultra
Diluvian Ultra

Diluvian Ultra is a refreshingly unique and fantastical FPS that evokes the retro charm of classic shooters while forging its own distinct style. You play as Atilla, an immortal warrior prince awakened from stasis to defend your massive gothic spaceship from an unknown invasion. With blood-fueled swords, grotesque organic guns, and a sentient squire pistol at your side, you carve through hordes of enemies to uncover the source of the attack.

In terms of gameplay, Diluvian Ultra will feel familiar to fans of old-school FPS titles like Doom or ULTRAKILL. It's fast-paced and relentless, with a focus on mobility and quickly switching between weapons to match enemies' strengths and weaknesses.

Unlike Doom's ponderous stompiness, Diluvian Ultra feels quick and hyper-mobile, with dashing, double jumps, and deflecting projectiles with your sword. The dual-damage system, where armor must be stripped before health is damaged, adds an extra layer of strategy as well.

Gore-Soaked, Neo-Gothic Fun

Atilla himself is a fantastically styled character, with an imposing knightly look straight out of bloodstained medieval tapestry. The environments match the neo-gothic vibe perfectly, with soaring quasi-cathedrals and creeping flesh-stone amalgam ships.

It's more fantastical and colorful than grim, coming across like the cover of a pulp sci-fi novel. The garish neon-lined enemies you dismember fit right into this pseudo-medieval retro-future. It's an aesthetic that really hasn't been done before and gives Diluvian Ultra a unique feel.

Arsenal of Flesh and Steel

The arsenal is another standout aspect, with a mix of traditional tech weapons like assault rifles and shotguns alongside bizarre living guns that shoot acid, larvae, and toxins. The swords are visceral fun and let you engage in close-quarters dismembering.

Your living squire pistol, Bella, is a great companion with a surprisingly endearing personality. Upgrades really impact the feel of weapons too - the assault rifle can shoot ricocheting or armor-piercing rounds, for example. It's a diverse set of creative tools for exterminating the enemy.

A Tragic Tale

There's a genuinely compelling story here too, with themes of trauma, betrayal, and redemption. It's not just mindless action. Awakening from stasis to a defiled tomb, Atilla's quest to save his people and reclaim his ship touches on issues like fanaticism and the morality of violence.

The story unfolds gradually through the striking gothic environments. It can be easy to miss the nuanced narrative amidst the frenetic combat, but it's worthwhile to pay attention to the almost poetic story.

In the end, Diluvian Ultra delivers gory retro FPS excellence with its own fascinatingly odd twists. Fans of classic shooters shouldn't hesitate to give this violent masterclass in mobility and mayhem a go. If you're a fan of hyperviolent retro shooters with stoic main characters and tons of enemies to mow down, Diluvian Ultra is just the game for you.


With its fast-paced retro action, weirdly unique aesthetic, and creative arsenal, Diluvian Ultra is an FPS that truly breaks the mold.


  • Fast, fluid old-school FPS feel
  • Striking gothic art direction
  • Creative living/tech weapon combo system


  • The story and some conversations can be hard to follow during combat
  • Some repetitive level design

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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