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Genre: Sports
Platform: Playstation
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FI FA: RWC 98 could go down in history as the most meticulously detailed sport sim ever. With 172 nations represented and 17 actual stadiums, there is no shortage of teams or venues.

Last year FIFA 97 had some problems with a sluggish frame rate and less-than-exciting play. This year things have been tightened up--especially in the gameplay and control departments. Other improvements include enhanced Al, new weather effects and highly detailed players. This year the boys will be sportin' their own facial features and hair styles.

As the name suggests, the road to the World Cup will include many tournaments and qualifying rounds to play through. The sheer number of teams you'll need to beat is staggering. One thing is for sure: It will no doubt take lots of time. Hopefully with the new improvements to FIFA: RWC 98, it will be time well spent.

  • THEME - Sports

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