Hybrid Heaven

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a game by Konami
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: Nintendo 64Nintendo 64
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 3 reviews, 7 reviews are shown
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Hybrid Heaven
Hybrid Heaven
Hybrid Heaven
Hybrid Heaven

Konami has started work on a potentially exciting action/RPG, Hybrid Heaven. Unfortunately, very little is known about the game at this point. What we do know is that game-play takes place in full 3-D worlds (similar to Nintendo's own upcoming action/RPG, Zelda 64). Hybrid Heaven takes place in a dark and distant future. Early screen shots of these environments look extremely realistic and promising. As you explore the open worlds, you will run into some not-so-friendly creatures. The game will then shift to a separate screen to act out the battle seguences. Here, you'll be able to punch, kick, shoot or use any number of other moves and technigues to win (the game will also include a special Two-player Battle Mode).

We will keep you updated on this interesting title as the game progresses.

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Nintendo 64

System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

Game Reviews

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Hybrid Heaven is dynamite in a lot of ways, but below-average in others. If some of the problems were fixed prior to release, the game could've really been something special. The problems in this one come in the form of an awkward camera, an unimpressive two-player mode and a worthless hi res mode. The last two--the two-player mode and hi-res mode--seem more like afterthoughts than anything else. The two-player mode is amusing, and somewhat innovative since you're able to call up a character you've built up in the one-player game or any of the enemies you've fought up to that point to use them against a friend--but it's not nearly as much fun as the single-player fighting. Next, the hi-res mode has such a horrid frame-rate you'll wonder if you're playing the game in the dark with a strobe light flashing. As far as the awkward camera goes--well, I'm sure any of you who have played 3D action-adventure titles know what this is like. And this goofy camera problem makes the control quite tedious in spots as well. The net result is frustration. But Hybrid Heaven does have its share of strong points. Namely an interesting story line, expansive levels and a surprisingly complex fighting system. Overall, you won't feel ripped off if you pick up Hybrid Heaven, even with its minor--but annoying--problems.


Take an excellent X-Files-worthy story line and combine it with a very unique combat/character upgrade system and what do you get? An incredibly refreshing playing experience that's well worth checking out. Hybrid Heaven isn't tike anything you've played before. If the action and levels were only a little bit more exciting, and the camera a little more useful, Hybrid Heaven could've scored higher. Don't let this steeper hit pass you by.


Like Castlevania 64, Hybrid Heaven takes its time getting interesting. In fact, this game's story Is downright enigmatic at its outset. Once all the plot pieces fall into place. Hybrid Heaven becomes an engrossing action/RPG, with an especially innovative I menu-driven combat system that's both deep and fun. Hybrid Heaven's visuals are often highly cinematic and more than adequate, as long as you avoid the choppy M-res mode.


At first glance. Hybrid Heaven looks like a stale, slow, unexciting action game. Konami has managed to blend a straight third-person perspective action game with an RPG-esque battle system. The result is a game that's one part Metat Gear, one part Final Fantasy, and one part Tomb Raider. Interesting mix, but it could've easily fallen flat if the story elements and action weren't tied together well. Deceptively average-looking, but fun to play.

Explore a dark world of genetic mutants, political intrigue and mind control deep below the "Big Apple" in Hybrid Heaven. Konami's cinematic, 64-Bit answer to Square Soft's popular Parasite Eve for the PlayStation.

After gunning down an unarmed secret service agent at the urging of a mysterious, disembodied voice, the player's character, Diaz, is ushered through a New York subway tunnel by two men in black into a bizarre subterranean world populated by scientists, robotic sentries and unspeakable genetic experiments gone awry.

An unwitting pawn in a plan to assassinate the president. Diaz must piece together the fragments of his shattered memory if he is to escape his underground prison and foil the would-be assassins.

in Hybrid Heaven's field mode, the player is free to explore the game's n 3D environments, avoiding hazards, discovering computer passwords and gunning down floating robotic sentries with a laser pistol. Pass in front of a mutant's field of vision, however, and you'll enter a battle mode similar to Parasite Eve's. In this mode, Diaz is free to run around a limited environment while scrolling through RPG-style attack options. At the touch of the A button, a window will pop up asking if the player wants to attack or use a weapon. If attack is chosen, the player can choose from an array of punches and kicks, which vary in power and chance of failure. If you're too slow, your opponent will gain the upper hand, forcing you to defend, dodge or counter its attack.

A power gouge at the top of the screen, which governs Diaz's attack power, decreases with each attack but replenishes over time. Unfortunately, the gauge begins at zero, forcing you to run around avoiding your opponent until it is sufficiently charged. A separate stamina gauge located below the power gauge influences which throws Diaz is capable of performing. Win a fight and your character's parameters--hit points, attack strength, defense, etc.--will automatically increase. What's more, Diaz actually evolves as you progress through the game, gaining new attacks based on which techniques are used most often.

Hybrid Heaven's real time cinemas have a highly cinematic look and are chock-full of rapid cuts, camera moves and, thanks to Konami's powerful compression techniques, a surprising amount of speech for a cartridge game.

The first game of Its type available for the Nintendo 64, Konami's "hybrid" offering is almost guaranteed to enjoy heavenly success when it hits store shelves in May.


Hybrid Heaven is an intriguing action/fighting game with a twist. Whenever you encounter an enemy, you fight hand-to-hand in turn-based battles--but you pick your attack (punch, kick, or throw) from menus! You start with a few moves in your repertoire, but can learn more as the game progresses.

So what's the story? You play as Diaz, a seemingly ordinary man who's attacked by two men in the subway. While escaping his pursuers, Diaz happens to stumble upon a strange underground lab filled with alien/human hybrids.

As for features, Hybrid Heaven has a third-person view, several characters to talk with, and puzzles to solve. The game's 11 giant areas are broken down into subsections, which each contain a password that you must find in order to proceed. So far, the game is intriguing--but it remains to be seen whether this Hybrid of fighting and turn-based RPG elements will succeed.

A sci-fi action/adventure game, Hybrid Heaven guns onto the N64 with gameplay that's a cross between Parasite Eve and Legend of Legaia. You play as Diaz, a man caught in the mysterious underground of New York, whos being hunted by hybrid creatures and cloned humans who'll stop at nothing to keep their secret When you encounter enemies, the game shifts from explor-action to turn-based fighting as you move around a set battlefield while selecting attacks and counters from a menu. Hybrid Heavens cool blend of game styles packs a lot of promise for its May release.

Konami left Nintendo 64 owners in the lurch by making Metal Gear Solid a PlayStation exclusive, but the company's follow-up, Hybrid Heaven, plays like a gift from above for N64 fans wanting a high-quality adventure.

The Truth is in Here

HH opens in a mysterious underground compound infested with mutant monsters. The intriguing plot uses Resident Evil-style cut-scenes to reveal a deep-seeded, X-Files-ish conspiracy in which world leaders are replaced by alien impostors. Even your own identity is in question!

Hybrid Heaven uses the Expansion Pak to deliver crisper textures and a deeper focus in its hi-res mode, but the staccato camera may leave you playing the more fluid low-res mode. Either way, the expansive compound is oppressive and varied, the fearsome monsters move realistically, and the impressive face textures almost make up for the lack of voices. Meanwhile, HH s crisp sounds do justice to the weapons, environments, and monsters, while the dynamic score responds to the action to create a cinematic experience that ranks in the upper echelon of N64 titles.

Hybrid Interface

HH features a quasi-turn-based fighting style: Although the battles are fought in real-time, you attack or defend through menus in frozen time. Each of your limbs independently improves in strength, while weapons, combos, and advanced attacks become available to you later in the game. The superb "battle mode" fighting interface, which is also available in the two-player contest, is simultaneously unique and intuitive. However, the regular controls (especially when you try to jump) prove trying and are often further hindered by some awkward camera angles. Also, the map overlay has no directional indicators or persistent memory, making it relatively useless.

While it's no Metal Gear Solid, this game is a challenging, exciting, and cinematic game. Adventure fans will enjoy their stay in Hybrid Heaven.


  • Don't destroy this box! Instead, shimmy across the ceiling, drop down on it, then take out the last robot sensor.
  • Avoid this dragon wannabe by sliding to the side when he lunges at you to grab your neck.
  • Use the map overlay to successfully escape from this monstrosity in Area 2-look for ledges you can jump on for safety.
  • In the first two areas, attack your opponents by using one specific leg and arm-then use your superlimbs against this turncoat mini-boss.

Konami is set to move onto the RPG battleground yet again with Hybrid Heaven. Set in the future, Hybrid relates the story of Johnny Slader, a special operations team leader who has been sent into the city to take care of a little military mess namely, mutants created during a military experiment aimed at creating super-soldiers. Hybrid's battles will take place in predetermined movie cut scenes; you find a monster, choose a position to attack, pick your battle option from a menu, then watch a cinema of the battle's result. Sounds interesting, looks cool, but will it satisfy the complex role-playing urges of action/RPG fans? We'll see next Christmas when we go to Heaven.

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