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a game by Dingaling Productions
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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An RPG like no other, LISA will take all of your expectations and throw them down the window, delivering an ultimate soul-crushing gaming experience that defies all genre conventions.

Also known as Lisa: The Painful, the second entry in the world of LISA is as whimsically dark as it ever was, taking the title’s harsh moral choices to the next level. LISA is a game that will challenge your good mood with every step you take into its depressing and well-crafted world of depravity and unique characters. Secrets and sad endings abound in the game’s unique setting, but one thing remains constant throughout it all: the dooming feeling that you always make the wrong choice.

Deceiving Appearances

Don’t let LISA’s cutesy EarthBound-inspired visuals fool you: this is a mature gaming experience that doesn’t shy away from portraying some utterly revolting imagery from time to time.

In a world where moral decay runs rampant, the journey of a broken man as he tries to keep the only thing that remains pure safe from the dangers of its civilization becomes the ultimate tale of sacrifice and redemption. Whereas Undertale took the Earthbound formula and turned it into a cutesy — yet somewhat dark — narrative experience, LISA goes one step further and turns that same charming 2D style into an indescribable hellscape.

Unlike most RPG games that are played from a top-down or isometric view, LISA is a side-scrolling RPG experience. Not only does this look radically different than most games in the genre, but it also helps when players explore new locations and the horrors that await them inside.

Everything from character designs to the mesmerizingly horrendous towns can keep your sense of reality challenged, turning LISA into a gaming experience like none other that’s also elevated thanks to the game’s sublime narrative.

Your Game, Your Choices

It sounds almost cliche to say that a game’s story is influenced by the choices you make these days, but LISA takes this concept to its natural conclusion, letting players choose which characters live and allowing them to sacrifice others — anything to survive in the game’s wretched world becomes fair play.

Sacrifice is a common theme all over LISA’s depressing storyline. Your character can sacrifice himself to save his allies throughout the course of the plot: these sacrifices have cosmetic and gameplay repercussions, such as losing an arm or other body parts.

Recruiting new party members is a must if you hope to make it to the end of the game relatively unscathed. There’s a huge variety of new party members to choose from waiting for you in towns and other settlements, and all of them can take a bullet for you — literally.

In yet another example of LISA’s shockingly raw gameplay, Russian roulette is a mechanic that lets you gamble with the life of your companions to rake in massive rewards. However, if you lose, that party member is lost forever, so this becomes a game that challenges not just your luck, but your morals as well. That might be the best way to describe what playing LISA feels like.


A dark RPG like no other, LISA will question your moral convictions at every step of the way, delivering a gaming experience that will stick with you long after you’ve beaten the game.


  • Amazing narrative that never fails to shock the player
  • Well-written characters and fascinating locations to explore
  • Entirely customizable plot that’s reshaped by almost every decision you make


  • The dark subject of the game might not be up to everyone’s tastes

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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