Logic World

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a game by Mouse Hat Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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Logic World
Logic World
Logic World

Logic World is a playground for programmers and developers. Using boolean logic and complex systems simulation, this “game” lets players design and create the circuits of their dreams. Using a bright and colorful interface, the purpose of this game is to get a new generation of coders interested in circuitry, and all of the complexities that come with it.

Calling Logic World a “game” would be a bit unfair, considering the scope of things you can manage using its powerful simulation. Perhaps calling it a tool or simply a circuit software would be better, even if the developers insist that this is a game aimed at those interested in how circuits operate.

Logic and Connections

This game exists for those players who want to understand how computer circuits work. Ever wanted to understand what’s in your computer’s PCB, but don’t want to risk damaging the circuitry? That’s precisely where Logic World comes in.

Using a basic UI and a block-building system that’s very reminiscent of Minecraft, Logic World lets players of any skill level build circuits just like they would do in real life. Of course, there are some limitations when it comes to what the engine is able to render, so keeping things minimal, like programming a calculator, would be ideal for novice users.

However, players with a deeper knowledge of programming will be pleased to know that Logic World’s engine is more than capable of running some pretty complex calculations. The developers mention that the game can run circuits that feature thousands of updates per second, and it can do so with a minimum amount of lag.

As an early access game, some minor hiccups are to be expected, but they never take away too much from the core experience. Even better is the fact that players can collaborate on a project in the game’s multiplayer mode.

If we consider Logic World as a programming tool, this could revolutionize the way people think of circuitry and boolean logic. The way the game straightforwards the creative process of building and testing circuits is mindblowing, and it’s something that more veteran programmers will definitely notice.

Surprisingly Powerful Music Composer

Considering that everything we’ve mentioned so far about Logic World has to do with the game’s programming capabilities, you’d be shocked to hear that the game’s a surprisingly solid tool for composing music. That’s right: more than half of the game’s file size goes to its ample sound library.

Using Logic World as a composing tool, while complicated, can offer an interesting look into digital music composition. Of course, this is not the main usage of the game, but it’s so effective, that you might think that this is a composing tool that also happens to include other types of circuits.

Be advised, however, that the learning curve here is quite steep. The lack of any in-game tutorials only makes things harder to figure out, and you’ll need to have some previous knowledge of circuits if you hope to create some impressive tools the first time you pick up this game.


Logic World is so much more than a game. Although it can be a bit complicated to use, the possibilities are endless if you know about circuits and boolean logic.


  • Bright and intuitive interface
  • Collaborative multiplayer
  • Great for composing music
  • Powerful circuits simulation


  • Some minor glitches
  • Lacks in-game tutorials
  • Steep learning curve

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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