Mario Party Superstars

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a game by NDcube
Platform: PC
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Mario Party Superstars
Mario Party Superstars
Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party Superstars is the second game in the series to grace the Nintendo Switch and the 12th home console release for the franchise. It is kind of crazy to think that I was still in high-school playing this with my buddies when the original came out on the Nintendo 64. Fast forward all these years later and I am playing this game with my own kids! It truly is a flagship series for Nintendo and rather than trying to reinvent the series with something new, this is looking back to the series roots.


Remember 3T? The band that was made up of Michael Jackson’s nephews! That has nothing to do with Mario Party Superstars, but the game is made up of boards that were in the first three Mario Party games. The Nintendo 64 is where this series got its start and when the game was announced I thought looking back at the original trilogy for inspiration was a good idea.

The Fab Five

The five tables that make up Mario Party Superstars are, Peach’s Birthday Cake, Space Land, Yoshi’s Tropical Island, Woody Wood’s, and my favorite, Horror Land from Mario Party 2. Now, five tables I feel is a bit on the stingy side, granted they have remade these tables, but they could have done more. I think that as they were only focusing on the Nintendo 64 games, they could have given us more. I do actually wonder if Nintendo plans to release more tables as DLC down the line. All five tables are classics no doubt and there is a lot of variety to the ones they chose, I just wish there were more.

Classic Mario Party

Mario Party Superstars is not a sequel to Super Mario Party and I would find it very interesting to hear people’s thoughts on this game if Super Mario Party was their first taste of the series. This is much more stripped back; it is basic Mario Party where things can feel very random and more often than not who is going to win will be up in the air right until the very end. I get a real kick out of the randomness that Mario Party has, but I can see why it annoys some people.

The Wonderful 101-1

There are an impressive number of mini-games in Mario Party Superstars. There are actually 100 and that means it will take a while before you get sick of them. Still, I found that sometimes the same games would repeat far more often than others. You can just jump in and play a mini-game without playing a full game though. These do not have any of the motion control of the mini-games of the last few Mario Party games. The reason for that is twofold. First of all, Nintendo 64 Mario Party games clearly did not use motion control. More importantly, Nintendo wants all their games to be playable on both the standard Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite, meaning motion control based mini-games could not be included.

That Big N Charm

Seeing these classic Mario Party tables in full HD is awesome. I know that I wished they put more of them here, but the ones that are here are great. However, as charming as the game is there are a few things I wish they would have done.

The roster is very small and why have they not included the awesome horror land costumes! The costumes in Mario Party 2 were so much fun and I still do not know why Nintendo has never brought them back.


I think that Mario Party Superstars is a fun game. I do feel that those coming straight from Super Mario Party to this may find it lacking. However, those of us who have nostalgia for the way Mario Party used to be will get a kick out of seeing the old tables in HD for the first time.


  • I love the updated look the game has
  • It is still a fantastic game to play with friends
  • You can now play these classic boards online
  • It is always fun to screw over one of your friends


  • They could have included more than five tables!
  • I think some may find this formula a bit outdated

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