Pokemon Platinum

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Genres: Action, Adventure/RPG
Platform: DS
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Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Platinum

It’s about you, it’s about me! That was the intro from the awesome Pokémon Diamond & Pearl TV show that accompanied this game. Wait isn’t it Pokémon Platinum we are talking about today? Well yes, it is, but Pokémon Platinum takes Diamond & Pearl, smashes them together and is regarded as one of the better Pokémon games on the Nintendo DS as a result.

Sinnoh League Victors

The setting for Pokémon Platinum is Sinnoh. This is based on a Japanese island and as a result, the game has a very Japanese feel to it which I think is pretty cool. The plot of Pokémon Platinum is pretty much the same as Diamond & Pearl, but it does add in a few things. The most notable being two new characters are added to the story in Looker and Charon. Also, the story is based around legendary Pokémon Giratina and there is also a whole new area added to the game as a result. Like other Pokémon games, you have a choice of three different starter Pokémon. The starter Pokémon in this game are Piplup, Turtwig and Chimchar. By the way, if you pick anyone other than Piplup we cannot be friends.

Classic Pokémon Action

As I review this we live in a day and age where 3D Pokémon titles are the norm. So with that being said I forgot how much charm these older top down style Pokémon games have. This is classic Pokémon games at their very best and I do not know if I would say that this is my personal favorite of all the Pokémon DS games, but it is a lot of fun. You pick your starter Pokémon and then set out on a journey to become a Pokémon champion. As is always the case you get dragged into an adventure. The Sinnoh setting makes for some great exploration ranging from snowy mountains to underground caverns. You will explore the open area from a top down perspective. You will have to manage things in the menus and then, of course, you have the battles. At this point, Pokémon battles were rather simple, but there is still a fair bit of strategy and thinking involved.

Collect Them All

Of course as is the case with any Pokémon game, Pokémon Diamond features a ton of Pokémon for you to collect. If you had already played Diamond & or Pearl, you know what to expect here from a Pokémon point of view. Still, no matter what Pokémon game you are playing, tracking down, capturing and leveling up Pokémon is super addictive.

Platinum Features

As this is a best of Diamond & Pear game it did add a few new features. Back in the day, it was big in the online community. You could trade Pokémon and have fun at the Wi-Fi Plaza where you could play mini-games and such. As this is the Nintendo DS, this service is sadly no longer available. Pokémon have been given new forms as well as their availability being changed too.

Pokémon Platinum is a wonderful old school Pokémon experience and it is easy to see why at the time it was released it was referred to as the best Pokémon game. The story is great and I love the three starter Pokémon that this game has. If you want to play an old style Pokémon game, Pokémon Platinum is well and truly one of the best.



  • The three starters are awesome
  • Sinnoh setting is fantastic
  • The new Pokémon evolutions are cool
  • A fun RPG adventure
  • One of the best old-style Pokémon games


  • Online stuff no longer works
  • Maybe hard for some to go back to 2D Pokémon games

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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