Project Highrise

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a game by SomaSim
Platform: PC (2016)
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.7/10 - 3 votes
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Project Highrise
Project Highrise
Project Highrise
Project Highrise

You get the feeling you've seen Project Highrise before. That is because you probably have - in the form of a completely unrelated game series. Yes, skyscraper enthusiasts - finally, there is a game that embraces the popularity of SimTower in the early 90s. Project Highrise is here to relieve your completionist architectural desires!

Many people to this day continue to reminisce in the obscure era of Maxis releases in the 90s. They came in droves for about a decade only to fade away without any trace. Perhaps there was no longer a market for games like SimAnt and SimSafari - the response to Project Highrise nullifies that rhetoric. So is this modern tower builder going to help relive the glory days?

Build Me Up, Before You Go-Go

It's worth noting right from the beginning that Project Highrise is not a modern age copy of SimTower. Instead, it is more of an homage to the game but does stand alone as a tower building simulator. The premise, however, is the same. You are a budding architect mandated with the opportunity of building an efficient and functional skyscraper. The tools are under your belt to make that happen - and will test your ability to do so through various difficulties.

Players start with a humble building - your objective is to grow your project into a successful megatower. Accomplishing this isn't as easy as drag-and-drop. There are a surprising amount of intricate mechanics that need to be managed. Resident happiness, catering, resource management, utilities, repairs, space design - all are things you need to worry about - or people are going to move out!

As a sandbox game, the goals and narrative are pretty limited in scope - it's really up to you to define what you want to do with the building. What is remarkable about this tower builder is its attention to detail - something that really isn't too expected in a game like this. The functionality of construction and management acts as more of a city builder condensed into a tower. You'll have to sign contracts, adhere to resident demands and assign the correct skill sets to make this tower thrive. It's all pretty immersive and fascinating.

It's Not SimTower, But It's Honest Work

Where the detail pulls you in - the character of the game certainly does not. You do feel the griping need to build your tower up - but in the end, it all feels a bit redundant without the inhabitants having any sort of personality. The mechanics make you feel like a property developer that's just going to turn over and keep selling units to the highest bidding client.

The color palette also resembles that of an urban hellscape. With varieties of businesses, amenities, and residences in your tower - you would think there might be some more vibrancy to attract their own clients. But every unit seems to rub together with the tone of a concrete jungle.


Visuals and personality aside - Project Highrise is a good tower builder. It doesn't exactly touch on the magic of SimTower - a sort of esoterism that can't be explained - but there are many hours of fun to be had here. It's addictive, engaging, and lays out your objectives pretty well. Not much more you could ask from a simulator, really.


  • Engaging tower simulator that encourages you to form objectives
  • The level of detail in construction and management is sublime
  • A lot of variation in the tower's inhabitants


  • The game lacks any sort of personality
  • Colors are very bland - greys, whites, and blacks everywhere
  • The narrative behind residences could use more detail

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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