Skeletal Avenger

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a game by 10tons Ltd
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Skeletal Avenger
Skeletal Avenger
Skeletal Avenger

Skeletal Avenger is my type of roguelite game! You may get visons of other similar games and I think that is a fair thing to say about this. However, I do feel that this does more than enough of its own cool stuff to stand out from the other million games in this genre. This is a rougelite that offers both style and substance as well as a boatload of fun with a cool skeleton who is out for revenge.

I Will Have My Revenge

There is a pretty fun story at play here. The idea is that you were murdered and now you have awoken, which would be great except you are now a skeleton. That is where the name, Skeletal Avenger comes from! Anyway, you meet a strange dude in a cloak who becomes your master, and in return for your service to him, he promises you that you will have your revenge!

Don’t Lose Your Head

As I write this, please note that what I am talking about here is the early access build of the game and more stuff is penciled in to be added. Anyway, you play as this skeleton and each round you need to make your way through one of two biomes. So far, we have a dungeon and a sewer setting. You will be hacking and slashing your way through a ton of enemies. What is cool about the character you play as is that he can use his head as a weapon. Depending on the hat he is wearing, throwing his head will do a different kind of attack.

Gear Is The Way To Go!

As Skeletal Avenger is a roguelite style of game, you will be getting a ton of gear as you progress through the game. You can find items on your travels and you can also buy stuff too with the currency that you earn as you make your way through each area. As you would expect, the more you play the better gear and upgrades you will gain access to.

Watch It There Slick!

I already talked about how this was a kind of hack and slash style of game in terms of the gameplay. What may surprise you is just how quick-paced the action is. You can move at a very quick pace and you can also use this dash move too. It is very easy to unleash these awesome combos where you just go from enemy to enemy dishing out a beating. It is weird in that the gameplay of Skeletal Avenger is quite challenging, but it is also very satisfying and once you get it down, it becomes very addictive.

Haven’t I Seen You Before?

The style of the game is quite interesting. I had a real feeling of Deja Vu right from the first time I saw a trailer for this. I think that I would say it looks like the middle ground between Hades and Minecraft Dungeons and I mean that in a positive way. At the moment in the early access state, things do look a tad on the basic side, but I am sure with just a tad more polish this could have a style that really stands out as they are nearly there with the main character himself.


I think if you enjoy roguelite games that you are going to have a great time with Skeletal Avenger. Even though the game is in early access and just has a little bit of what the final game intends to offer. This is a game that is very well made and it has a bit of a dry sense of humor about it which I like. Plus, the actual gameplay is a ton of fun and is all about skill so the better you get, the more fun you will have.


  • The protagonist is very appealing
  • Throwing your head around as an attack is a lot of fun
  • I liked the whole premise of the game
  • It is tough, but it is not unfairly tough


  • It will take a while to get good at the game
  • No word on when there will be more biomes and enemies added

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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