The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

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a game by Supermassive Games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 6/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

Why make one interactive horror game when you can make several? The Dark Picture Anthology: Little Hope is the second entry into a series with eight planned parts. It's hoping to create a super-game that serves as a staple of the survival horror genre. It's already an ambitious project. Each entry looks as thrilling as the next, as it translates the concept of TV series into a playable format.

So how did the first entry fair? It's safe to say that it was OK - but it could definitely use some improvement. The Dark Picture Anthology: Little Hope aims to spark more intrigue into the series and enhance those survival horror elements to make it a more defining experience. Let's check to see if it's starting to kick-off!

All Hope is Gone

If there's one thing the Dark Picture Anthology: Little Hope instantly succeeds - it's that the visuals do bring that TV series feel. The characters and camera look good enough that you could pass it off as something made with virtual actors and an upscale production crew. However, like the first entry, you feel that this could lead to where it comes off as a game.

Once you get moving into the town of Little Hope, you won't find too much exciting about the gameplay. It feels like the narrative builds up to lead you to some jump scares or thrilling plot twists, but not much user action contributes to that premise. Mechanically, the game is dull. You'll spend a lot of time wandering around traversing the dark abandoned town with little to interact with.

We'll give the game that they manage to incite the fear factor in a few instances. However, the overall story does feel it could deliver a bit more to a player, considering the game is so narrative-heavy. The dialogue options don't make the game too hard to navigate. And what should be compelling in choice has players leaving like achieving the desired ending was too easy an accomplishment.

The easiest way to describe The Dark Picture Anthology: Little Hope is it's too much like a strung-out horror TV series. With a planned 8-games ahead, the developers need to consider that each entry needs to be more 'gamey - and not just a visual feast. The ambition is there, but we need more choices, interactivity - and some real sticking plot twists.

Looking Towards the Darker Picture

Let's not forget that there are 6-more entries to come, and things could get wild. However, if the Dark Picture Anthology is going to stand up as a classic survival horror series - we need more. Maybe to see each entry play out more like Heavy Rain? For all its flaws, at least that game managed to get its interactivity and stemming plotlines right.


'The Dark Picture Anthology: Little Hope' is probably something you're going to have to play to see the ultimate result of this experiment. It could lead to something magnificent, or it could be viewed as something that should have never happened. Whatever the outcome, it's worth the time just to be part of something different in the gaming sphere - even though it's bland.


  • Visuals are beautifully constructed
  • Particle effects provide the desired atmosphere
  • Genuinely scary moments in the gameplay


  • Not enough interactivity for a thrilling survival horror
  • Feels too easy to achieve the desired ending
  • The storyline feels stretched and uninteresting

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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