The Dark World: KARMA

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Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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The Dark World: KARMA
The Dark World: KARMA
The Dark World: KARMA
The Dark World: KARMA

The upcoming The Dark World: KARMA is a first-person story-driven horror game that is bound for a 2022 release. Developed by POLLARD STUDIO LLC and published by GameraGames, the game takes the players into a very scary and strange investigation, where a detective officer needs to find memories to piece together the mysteries of the title.

Darkness From The Past

The story of The Dark World: Karma takes place in a dark and strange world, located in the memories and minds of a detective. You take on the role of Roam, an investigative officer who reached out to an old man in the hopes of reconnecting to your past memories. The game expands upon the fragmented memories and bizarre encounters that you find upon arriving in this dark world.

As an investigative officer, it is your job to explore and find the truth. Through interacting with this new world, you will find the meaning behind these memories and the source of everything that happens. Like most horror games, In order for your game experience not to be spoiled, you shouldn’t watch videos or read any reviews before playing yourself!

Karma Goes Around and Comes Around

The main selling point of this game is how horrifying its world-building and level design are. Players that task themselves with going through the experience alone and at night can probably expect to be constantly on edge and frequently scared. In this dark world, it is hard to know what is sitting behind the next corner. The ambiance created by the monsters and eerie sounds adds up to a bizarre environment that is constantly changing.

Even when you are scared, you have to move forward. The game, after all, is story-driven and heavily relies on exploration. After all, you are here in search of the fragmented memories that will reveal a greater truth in the end. This requires you to constantly pay attention to when and where you are. You should also look and listen closely to everything that is happening on screen.

You will also be going into the mind of others and relieving their experiences. As similar as they are, remember they aren’t yours, and they will help you better understand your own memories. These events are associated with puzzles that must be solved to progress through the game. And finally, diligence, patience, and careful reporting of everything happening are crucial to succeed here.


The Dark World: KARMA seems like a fantastic game, it reminds me of Outlast a lot, and the world-building here is insane. The graphics look truly phenomenal, and if the images and trailers we have are any indication, this will be a very scary title.


The game might be more cyclical and connected than what we can see given the name, but replayability still remains an unknown factor. After all horror games heavily rely on the element of surprise and after a couple of times it can lose novelty.


  • Great Graphics
  • Interesting Story
  • Sound Design
  • World Building and Level Design


  • No Release Date
  • Little Gameplay Shown
  • Might Have Very Low Replay Value
  • Could Be a Short Experience

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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