Wallpaper Engine

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a game by Wallpaper Engine Team
Platform: PC
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Wallpaper Engine
Wallpaper Engine
Wallpaper Engine
Wallpaper Engine

Since the beginning of everything related to graphics, applications such as Adobe Photoshop have become a sort of standard norm for graphic designers all over the world to use as a creative outlet to let flex their brain muscles. With more and more artists around the globe switching over to digital art instead of the more traditional analogue way of painting because of reasons such as cost efficiency and a less messy process, applications such as these have become more in use.

Wallpaper Engine is one of such art related applications, this one however, specifically designed to cater towards designers of wallpapers or just people curious to create something unique and cool for their own selves. The application, unlike Adobe Photoshop or other image editing applications, also lets you create video wallpapers for your computer, and it comes with the Steam Workshop, with many other user created wallpapers right there for you to choose from and use!

Accessibility in Expression

Wallpaper Engine is unique in its design; it is made to create a sense of ease for the users as it is an application on Steam, which is a platform known for their accessibility. Wallpaper Engine is divided into two fragments for browsing and selecting specific wallpapers of your choice, The Steam Workshop and The Installed List.

The application itself comes with 13 pre-installed wallpapers; along with countless user created wallpapers that are accessible from the Steam Workshop, which makes the process of finding your favourite wallpapers so much easier. The wallpapers come in all shapes and sizes, and they also support multi-monitor setups.

A New Era for Desktop Wallpapers

Desktop wallpapers being in video formats is not something that Wallpaper Engine does new, this feature was actually introduced by Microsoft with Windows Vista, and was also available on android devices way before Wallpaper Engine ever became a thing, but this isn’t where Wallpaper Engine stops, it takes this formula to a new height.

Wallpaper Engine’s wallpapers usually support 2D, 3D, video wallpapers, HTML5, JavaScript, WebGL and application wallpapers. The most advanced thing that comes with this is that; most of the wallpapers are highly interactive. A lot of the wallpapers while browsing through the Steam Workshop of Wallpaper Engine, I found; were cutesy little mini games to play when your PC has booted up and you’re free and not doing any overly engaging activities. This also brings out new avenues of advancement in the desktop’s interaction levels, with new designs and updates being added to the application to turn it into a more multi-purpose software.

New Avenues of Wallpaper Designing

Wallpaper Engine is a great new tool to create beautiful and interactive wallpaper designs that are equal parts artistically creative and technologically advanced.


With a lot of room for improvement and adjustment, the Wallpaper Engine does well enough to definitely be called the best wallpaper designing tool so far, with more features that will probably be added at some point, the tool will evolve and become a powerful creative outlet in many regards.


  • New formats for wallpapers such as HTML5, JavaScript, WebGL and application wallpapers.
  • Streamlined interface to make designing and browsing easier
  • Steam Workshop implementation makes for an easier access to user created wallpapers


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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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