WWE 2K22

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a game by Visual Concepts
Platform: Playstation 4
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.4/10 - 17 votes
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WWE 2K22
WWE 2K22
WWE 2K22

Make no mistake about it, WWE 2K22 is a game that 2K and Visual Concepts have to get right. There have been WWF/E games released for various computers, consoles, and in the arcades since 1987, but last year the series took a hiatus as WWE 2K20 was an absolute mess, it was so bad that Sony was even giving refunds on the digital version! They tried to fix it, but some of the fixes made it even worse. They decided to take a year off and now we have more information about the latest game, let’s take a closer look at it.

It Hits Different

This is the slogan that they are using to describe WWE 2K22. With the last game they released being such a mess, 2K and Visual Concepts have said that they have gone back to the drawing board with a new game engine, new graphics engine and they have reworked pretty much everything that we have known about WWE games.

This is good news as the 2K WWE games had started to get real stale! Sure, WWE 2K19 is a masterpiece compared to 2K20, but this is a series that has been coasting for many years so them taking a new approach is very welcomed.

Scanning The Talent

The last few WWE games have been a real mixed bag visually. When they get a wrestler right, they look fantastic, but for every wrestler that they get right, there are like two that look horrible. Weird facial animations. Hair that has a mind of its own and more! They have scanned in the majority of the roster here and done a ton of new animations. The WWE 2K22 trailer that we have seen looks fantastic, even though they have only shown off a handful of talent. Wrestlers such as Roman Reigns, Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, and Kofi Kingston all look fantastic! From their facial scan to the way that they move all clearly have been improved since

Wrestling With Modes

They still have a while to go before the planned March 2022 release date for WWE 2K22, but we do have to talk about game modes. Game modes in wrestling games have been stale for years and a change is needed! The Showcase mode that lets us play through past WWE events was ok, but the cheap AI and lack of checkpoints made it a massive chore to play through.

The last WWE game was a mess so hopefully, weird issues are going to be fixed here. There is a fine line between simulation and fun and hopefully this year they are going to nail this aspect of the game.


With how poor WWE 2K20 was and with how lackluster the WWE series has been since 2K took over; it is hard to get too excited in WWE 2K22. They have not really done much to gain any good faith with the WWE universe! So while the trailers we have seen do seem pretty, until we get some actual gameplay footage, this is one game that I am interested in for sure as I am a huge wrestling fan, but with their history, I am not getting my hopes too high.


  • The graphics sure do look good
  • They have added in a lot of new animations
  • The claims they are making about rebuilding the engine sound good
  • Hopefully, this extra development time will really make a difference


  • 2K do not exactly have the best track record with the WWE license
  • We still have not seen any actual in-ring gameplay

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