Cat Girl Without Salad

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a game by WayForward Technologies
Platform: PC (2016)
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 3 votes
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Cat Girl Without Salad
Cat Girl Without Salad
Cat Girl Without Salad
Cat Girl Without Salad

It is kind of crazy to think that Cat Girl Without Salad started life as nothing more than an April Fools Joke. Well, be careful what you joke about because this “joke” was eventually turned into a real game! This is a very, very short game and that is fine, it is the kind of game that is designed to be fired up, beating in one sitting, and then fired up again sporadically when you need something quick and fun to play.

Shooting And Stirring

There is just so much charm within Cat Girl Without Salad that it is impossible not to smile while you are playing it. The story is about a spunky young girl called Kebako. Kebako is a bounty hunter, but she is also a chef and that is her real passion. With her sidekick, Squiddie, they fly around making food and taking down enemies.

There is not exactly a lot of story here, but the writing is some great stuff indeed. The two characters have a great relationship and the dialogue between them, especially the food-related stuff is going to make you smile and laugh time and time again.

Short And Sweet Like Candy

The gameplay on offer here is that of a shooter and it is a damn fine one too. There are only a handful of levels, so you can blast through Cat Girl Without Salad in one sitting and pretty quickly, but it is a lot of fun while it lasts. Kebako controls great and her default weapon is a peashooter. You can get other weapons though which are a ton of fun, for example, you can get an arcade gun that shoots a little Pac-Man style dude that will attack your enemies.

As well as getting new weapons when you kill enemies, you also need to keep an eye open for health too. Things can get pretty fast and frantic, but I never felt that the game ever become overwhelming the whole time I was playing it. There are some really fun bosses in the game that do force you to think about your strategy a little bit.

Cute Like Gummy Bears

I love the visual style of Cat Girl Without Salad. It has a very cute style to it all and the characters have a cartoon vibe about them and they have a ton of personality to them as well. The backgrounds are rather sparse, but I think that works in the game's favor as everything else is this big splash of color.

It has a very funky, cute, and fitting soundtrack. If you look at the images of the game, you get an idea in your head of what the music will be like, well how you imagine the game to sound is pretty much exactly how it does sound.


I had a fun time with Cat Girl Without Salad and feel that it is well worth your time. It offers a fun shooter experience that may not take long to get through, but it leaves quite the impression. It is the kind of game that everyone I have told about it has had a good time with so be sure to check this out if you like shooters.


  • I loved the two main characters
  • The writing has a ton of charm to it
  • I really liked the bright visuals that the game had
  • It was very easy to get into
  • This is the kind of game that is great to play if you want something quick and fun


  • The game is over before you know it
  • The backgrounds are very sparse

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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