College Hoops 2K8

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a game by Visual Concepts
Platforms: XBox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 2
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College Hoops 2K8
College Hoops 2K8
College Hoops 2K8

As one of the most beloved sports in the world, basketball – and specifically the National Basketball Association (NBA) – gains fans all over the world. However, outside of the NBA we also have the college basketball level which is considered by many to be among the best sporting competitions in the world. The arrival of College Hoops 2K8 by 2K Sports, then, was seen as a hallmark for the series: a new focus on the importance of college basketball. How good, though, was this game compared to the highly beloved 2K series of NBA games?

The Stars of the Future

Released in 2007, College Hoops 2K8 compiled the very best college teams and players from the era. It gave basketball fans the chance to play with some of the up-and-coming megastars of the era, including cover star Greg Ogden. Just about every school included in the Division I NCAA tournament was included, including new additions at the time such as the Florida Gulf Coast.

The game offered a realistic, fast-paced approach to college basketball and looked to include as many player likenesses and licenses as it could.

A dime for the time

While College Hoops played mostly like the NBA 2K series of the era, it did have its own style. Given the differences in how basketball is played at college and NBA level, the game done a fine job of trying to mimic those changes. The player likenesses were well-received at the time, too, seen as fair representations of the ability of the players who played at that point.

The game was also noted for having a diverse soundtrack, deep editing features, and a range of useful modes. The Legacy Mode was seen as the major feature, allowing players to start out at a low-ranked basketball school and work towards becoming a national starlet. The Open Legacy version allows for the player to choose any school they want and begin building towards their own future stardom.

Another interesting feature was the ability to track and recruit students from high school, as well as junior college. With over 300 teams included and a gluttony of arenas, players, and features such as on-the-fly playcalls, this offered more depth than most other basketball games that came out at the same time.

The main problem with College Hoops 2K8 is that it was never followed up upon. The licensing issues meant that a 2K9 edition never arrived, so many of the good ideas that were used here were either never used again or ported into the wider NBA 2K series.


Overall, though, for those who want to look back at a previous draft class and play through college on their own, this offers an enticing, exciting opportunity.


  • Great basketball gameplay, authentic for the time
  • Massive roster and team combinations allows great variety
  • Attention to detail in licensing and likeness was very impressive


  • Lacked coaches due to licensing issues
  • Was never followed up with a much-needed sequel

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