Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf

a game by Electronic Arts
Genre: Action
Platforms: Lynx GameBoy
Editor Rating: 6.3/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 8.0/10 - 3 votes
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Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf
Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf
Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf
Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf

The handheld Desert Strike has almost everything that made the original title great.

You pilot an AH-64 Super Apache chopper through three tough desert campaigns. Armed with guns and missiles, you must rescue POWs and destroy Scud launchers. Unfortunately, inefficient controls make it sometimes difficult to position your chopper and fire accurately.

Commendable graphics and clear sounds give this game all the realism it can squeeze out of two megs. Gunfire and explosions are just a few of the sound effects that add life to each tough mission.

Strike fans and gamers who enjoy challenging action/shoot-ers should climb into this Apache's cockpit. You'll be piloting one of the better Game Boy carts around.


  • Blow away everything In sight to find power-ups.
  • Beware of heavily guarded areas. This version gives no "Danger Zone" warning.

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Game Reviews

There's a ruthless terrorist in the Middle East, and the President has tapped you to fly the attack copter mission to obliterate his military arsenal. You'll fly more than 20 fiery missions via a behind-the-copter view. The Genesis version of Desert Strike was very popular, inspiring an SNES version and an SNES sequel called Jungle Strike.

Just when you thought that desert madman was done terrorizing neighboring countries and threatening world peace, he's back on the Lynx. Should you choose to accept this mission? Probably.

Scorched-Earth Policy

Desert Strike is a good conversion of EA's Genesis and SIMES action war game. You pilot an attack chopper in an angled overhead-view environment and undertake four missions and numerous objectives to loosen the dictator's grip on the Persian Gulf. The action keeps you occupied as you try to rescue hostages, take out satellite stations, blow airports sky high, and generally wreak havoc on the enemy operation. It's extremely difficult to complete a mission, but fortunately passwords enable you to continue from the start of each mission.

Although your copter doesn't fly as smoothly as it could have, you grow accustomed to the stiff-at-first controls. Machine gun bullets, Hydra Missiles, and Hellfire Missiles are your arsenal. This game isn't just shoot-and-blast, as you must track your resources, such as ammo, shields, and fuel. A useful radar screen helps you locate your next target or supply dump.

The graphics have some fire. A surprising amount of detail from the 16-bit versions was retained, such as the tiny, annoying foot soldiers. The explosions are satisfying and you even put a crater in the ground when you take out something sizable. You probably won't suffer from too much eyestrain from this cart.

The sounds are also good. There's not much music, but the hum of your helicopter is well done. You even hear a winch cranking when the rescue ladder is lowered.

First Strike

Pick up Desert Strike if you like action, overhead flying, and war simulation. Even if the Lynx won't, you might survive a trip to the Desert.


  • In the first mission, start at the North quadrant, work your way South, then East, and then West.
  • Missile silos have longer striking range than your machine gun, but they can't "see" around some obstacles.

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