Disney Universe

a game by Eurocom
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 1 review
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Disney Universe
Disney Universe
Disney Universe
Disney Universe

Disney Universe features a storyline revolving around the corruption of the Disney world at the hands of a sentient and evil… plastic bag. Yes, the main antagonist in a malevolent and shadowy bag. It’s a kid’s game through and through. The plot isn’t very in depth as it’s clearly meant to be enjoyed casually by a younger audience. It’s entertaining enough that you won’t really mind as it’s backed up by that classic Disney charm and beloved character roster. You’ll find all sorts of neat wink and nods that reference all of your favorite movie moments as the levels take inspiration from classics such as Lion King, Tron and Aladdin.


The game revolves around collecting and using costumes of your favorite Disney characters such as Tron, Mickey, Donald, Sully and everyone else you could think of. In total there are 45 costumes to use which adds an incredible amount of variety for endless and unique fun. Each costume has its own signature weapon and abilities which can further be leveled up for greater power and fun. All in all the game is certainly not lacking in variety as you can perform all manner of crazy jumps and attacks while dressed up as childhood heroes.


Disney Universe takes many pages from the LEGO manual as its very similar to Traveler’s Tales games such as Lego Star Wars or more fittingly LEGO Pirate of the Caribbean, another Disney franchise represented here. Running around and beating up foes will feel incredibly similar to LEGO games while also mixing in a lot more of its own unique platformer style. The good thing about Disney Universe though, is that unlike the LEGO games, this one is not as repetitive or boring. Even as an adult you can be engaged and even challenged sometimes for a good time that doesn’t fall into the classic pitfall of being a mindless kiddie game. The whole experience is expansive, entertaining and well worth your time.

Audio & Ambiance

Another one of the game’s main strengths is its absolutely stunning and outright magical environments and music. The sound, as you can imagine, is classic Disney music which will leave you feeling mesmerized and nostalgic. The graphics are also gorgeous and are a joy to look at even today. The game easily looks good enough to be on a modern system without needed any crazy remasters or overhauls. Overall this is a joy for the eyes and ears which will make every other part of the game feel that much sweeter and personal.


Disney Universe is game that manages to exceed all expectations and will leave you grinning ear to ear as you enjoy all of its wonderful gameplay and character variety, backed by that classic Disney atmosphere that’s hard to replicate. Well worth anyone’s time, this game rises far above the wrongful expectations of anyone who would dub it “just a kiddie game.” Fun for all ages and an experience to remember!

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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