Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

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a game by Square
Genre: Adventure/RPG
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 9/10, based on 3 reviews
User Rating: 6.8/10 - 8 votes
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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

If the title of this game sends you into aFinal Fantasy frenzy, sit on your control pads for a sec. Before you whip out your mapping paper, know that this isn't the Final Fantasy that hard-core role- players know and love. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest by Square Soft is a well-crafted and very easy-to-play fantasy RPG that was intentionally designed for first-timers or hard-core gamers who think role-playing eats up too much game time.

Over and Under

This world has no connection to any other Final Fantasy world. Moreover, this game's only ties to the FF series are the four Crystals that you have to retrieve from four terrible monsters.

Even though this isn't a full-blown FF, you'll have a good time making this lengthy tour. The game features the Overworld, where you journey to the different area Icons, and the "underworld" inside the Icons were all the action takes place.

ProTip: If you're stuck in shifting sands, press B repeatedly. Eventually, you'll wade through the stuff.

As in most RPGs, the more beasts you beat and the more territory you traverse, the more Points you rack up. Points build up your abilities in seven categories: Experience, Attack, Defense, Speed, Magic, Accuracy, and Evade. You also collect Gold in chests and find useful gear: 20 Items, 12 Magics, 16 Weapons, and 16 types of Armor.

  • You can stockpile Items from Treasure Chests, such as Cure potions. Just exit the location and return. The Chest will be full again.
  • Always keep a few Bombs in reserve to blow open doors.

Ease on down the Road

Mystic Quest's user-friendly RPG design becomes apparent at the start: you don't build characters. Although you team up with several different characters, there are only two people in a party at a time. The game is set up to make fulfilling your mystic quest as painless as possible. For example, in the Overworld a single press of the directional controller slides you directly to another location. The Battle system is a breeze, and you automatically consume healing potions during a fight. The easy-to-follow manual even details in 27 stages how to find the first Crystal.

If you encounter a monster gang that seems too formidable, escape by selecting Run, but immediately re-engage them. You may face a weaker monster lineup.

This is the easiest RPG to get into ever. However, that doesn't mean it's a pushover. After you find the first Crystal, the manual abandons you, the mazes get tougher, and the monsters get stronger.

Looks Good, Sounds Good

The game's graphics are pretty good. You play via a familiar, RPG-style, three-quarter, overhead view that features some nifty, multi-scrolling backgrounds. In Battle screens, the monsters feature great detail, and for an RPG, there's a fair amount of animated fighting.

The sound effects are minimal but nicely done. The melodic music sets the appropriate moods and even rocks when it should.

Altogether now... "Save often!"

Not the Final Final Fantasy

If you usually say "back off, dude, I'm just a button puncher" when someone offers you an RPG, you ought to check this game out. Persevere and your reward will be a good time and maybe the desire to take on other FRPGs. If you're a Final Fantasy fanatic, this version will just whet your appetite for the next full-bore installment.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

  • Square / Super NES

The Final Fantasy series continues again! This time the subhead is Mystic Quest. Benjamin must find the cause of another uprising of evil on his beloved planet. Of course, he can recruit other people to help him out when the going gets rough. The same overhead perspective is retained by the graphics and the music has been improved as well!

  • Theme: Action/RPG

Surprisingly, Enix is going to be releasing their action RPG Gaia Fantasy in the States. The hero, Tem, is a young boy who must use all his fighting skills, ESP, and wits to overcome a forbidding force of evil that is taking over the world. Unlike typical RPGs, Tem can only level up by defeating all the enemies on a map and collecting magical orbs left by the defeated monsters. In spots, he is transformed into other beings such as a powerful knight to get past certain obstacles. Like The Legend of Zelda, Gaia Fantasy requires you to solve certain riddles and puzzles.

The story is really intriguing. Tem lives in a small village with his grandparents who took him in after his father disappeared on a treasure hunting expedition ordered by the king. One day he is summoned by the King. On that day the King orders him to return the treasures that he does not even have. When Tem explains his situation, he is cast into a dark dungeon cell. While despairing over his plight, Tem is visited by his Father's spirit that tells him to go around the world's ancient monuments and seek out mystery dolls. When the spirits disappear, Tem is visited by the Princess who sets him free on a promise that he must take her with him. She suspects something is wrong with the King, but doesn't know what's wrong with him. And thus begins a long and inspiring journey to all points of the globe.

Gaia Fantasy is a really intense RPG. The action elements are a lot of fun, too. If you like games like Zelda, you'll love this one.

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