Football Manager 2015 Reloaded

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Platform: PC
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Football Manager 2015 Reloaded
Football Manager 2015 Reloaded
Football Manager 2015 Reloaded
Football Manager 2015 Reloaded

At this point I have been a football fan for over 30 years so you know that Football Manager 2015 reloaded is a game that I will have spent a long time with. To be honest with you guys, this is a series that I tend to miss a game every couple of years, but with the 2015 version they did say that they were adding a few new things into the game.

Going For Glory!

You do not need to be Sir Alex Ferguson to know what this game is all about. The idea is that you pick the team of your choice and then you lead them to glory. In this regard, Football Manager 2015 reloaded is the same as it has always been. You can start with a team from League Two and try to take them to the top which is something that I like to do, or you can just jump in, pick your favorite team and see how you do.

I started off by picking Tottenham Hotspur and built a real dynasty that saw me have 7 league titles, three FA cups, one league cup, and best of all three Champions League titles. I was so addicted to this that in the end, I had to say enough was enough.

Making Changes

Each game in the series is kind of the same thing, but for Football Manager 2015 reloaded they did change a few things up. To start with the game has a different user interface and I think that it has been changed for the better. It is much clearer and easier to get through and I would bet new players to the series would have an easier time with this rather than the previous game.

They also added in a bunch of new animations for the game engine and as a result things are more varied this time around. While this is great, as is the improved player likenesses, the game does some very strange things with the match engine and things do not always look as good as it should. Another change is the kind of manager you want to be. There is a tracksuit and tactical manager that you can be and each one has its own style. I went for tracksuit as I wanted a more hands-on approach to my team.

Stop Complaining!

One issue I have with this game is the way players will complain about their game time. I have signed a player in August and just three games into the season they will start having an issue with how much they are being played! This is a super annoying thing to deal with and one a player starts complaining, you can play them every week and it will not stop!


I think that Football Manager 2015 reloaded is just as addictive as it has ever been. I am a huge football fan so I always get sucked into these games. So much so that I feel they take over my life and I have to take a break until the next one comes out. If you enjoy football management games, you are going to enjoy this.


  • Tons of teams to take charge of
  • I like the new user interface
  • Plenty of new animations
  • Much better player likenesses
  • It is just as addictive as it has ever been


  • I hate the way players complain about their playing time
  • The game engine has a few “issues” that can take you out of it

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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