Lineage 2 Essence

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a game by NCSoft
Platform: PC (2022)
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Lineage 2 Essence
Lineage 2 Essence
Lineage 2 Essence
Lineage 2 Essence

A new rethinking of the classics, a simpler farming system and complete freedom of choice in the new-old MMORPG - Lineage 2 Essence. Unforgettable new emotions even for veterans of the classics and simplified systems of raising characters for newcomers.

Fans and their problems

Cult Lineage 2 has always pleased players with great content, updates that complemented and improved the gameplay, but everything changed with the introduction of updates, which greatly simplified the system of raising characters. Such an innovation did not please fans of the old-school version, where you had to give your heart and soul to the game in order to level up your character.

Two versions of the legend

Developers took fan requests and created two versions of the iconic game. Soon the world saw Lineage 2 Classic - the old hardcore version with complex leveling. Later Lineage 2 Essence came out, which collected the best from the game and greatly simplified the gameplay.

Beautiful in Simplicity

How is Lineage 2 Essence different from its conservative counterpart? The main differences are:

  • The game doesn't torture players with long and diligent leveling up. Quick level up is one of the main differences between the two versions.
  • Autobattle. You can let the computer play for you at any time. An intelligent artificial intelligence will kill monsters and collect valuable resources from them. In the settings you can choose the options for using health or mana potions.
  • Teleportation points. In the new version you can not run a marathon to the desired point. Teleports are located more often and more conveniently, and the purchase of a special book will allow you to place teleports manually.
  • In the classic version was impossible to do without the formed group, where everyone performed their class role. In the new version up to about 70+ levels you do not need to think about the set of the team and play alone.
  • Reinforced the old races and completely redesigned the Kamael race. More balance - more fun.

Two versions, one spirit

The simplified and modified Lineage 2 Essence is still the game that millions loved. The PVP system, clans, and quests for world bosses that came out of the dungeons and now await groups of players for weekly battles remain.


Easy to learn attracts new players, while veterans continue to test their nerves in hardcore. Two versions of the iconic game rekindle interest in the series and stay true to the classics at the same time. The world of Lineage 2 Essence awaits friends and new acquaintances in its wonderful magical world.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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