Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition

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a game by ustwo games
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 10/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition
Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition
Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition
Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition

One of the best mobile games ever released is back with a new release that will allow more players to immerse themselves into the mind-bending puzzles of Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition. Solve puzzles and think outside the box in this beautiful introspective platformer that will test your wits every step of the way.

With its minimalist visuals and brilliant puzzle design, Monument Valley has become a staple of mobile gaming. Now, PC players will get the chance to experience this sublime title in a wider range of resolutions and featuring all the content from previous versions of the game.

A World Unfolds

Much like Fez, the puzzles in Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition rely on optical illusions and force perspectives that the player will have to make sense of to progress. This sounds much easier than it really is, though, as some puzzles in the game can get rather challenging depending on the player.

Still, one of the most notorious features of Monument Valley is how accessible it is. The game’s relaxed gameplay is perfect for players of any skill level – even for those who play the game just to enjoy the gorgeous art or soothe in the title’s excellent sound design.

As you twist and bend your way through the game, you’ll also uncover the story of Ida, the silent princess. Although it’s kept to a minimal, Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition features a rich narrative that’s sure to please fans of environmental storytelling and games with silent protagonists.

Whether they are looking for a good story or something relaxing to play after a long day at work, Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition delivers on both fronts. For those who want a challenge, there are plenty of puzzle levels that require precise and strategic movements and jumping through hoops in order to progress.

Even if you’ve played any of the mobile versions before, the Panoramic Edition still includes some nifty extras that might sweeten the deal even for Monument Valley veterans. Better yet, the second game in the series, Monument Valley 2, is also getting a PC release, so new players can finally get into this series and enjoy their visuals as they were meant to be played.

Improved and Reimagined

With its arrival on PC, it’s clear that developers ustwo games are aiming to deliver a much more polished experience than what was possible on mobile devices. As the name of this remaster implies, the star of the show is the game’s much improved panoramic landscapes.

Even if you play the game on an ultrawide monitor, the visuals of Monument Valley have never looked better than they do in the Panoramic Edition. Not only will you be able to see more of the beautiful landscapes, but you’ll also find that some puzzles are now much more intuitive to solve thanks to the improved visual fidelity.

Since the game uses a rather minimalistic visual style, even lower-end machines will be able to run this game without much issue. This is the perfect title not just for any rig, but also for players of any skill level to enjoy


Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition is pure puzzling bliss. This is the definitive way to play one of the best indie mobile games released in recent years.


  • Impressive minimalistic art style
  • Fun and challenging puzzles that never feel unfair or too tough
  • Relaxed atmosphere and satisfying plot progression


  • Point and click controls may take some time getting used to over the original’s touch interface

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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