NEBULOUS: Fleet Command

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a game by Eridanus Industrie
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 10.0/10 - 1 vote
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NEBULOUS: Fleet Command
NEBULOUS: Fleet Command
NEBULOUS: Fleet Command
NEBULOUS: Fleet Command

I was excitedly telling a friend of mine about NEBULOUS: Fleet Command and how I thought it was a cool sci-fi space battle sim. He took one look at the trailer that is currently on Steam and just said nope! That right there sums up the kind of game that this is to me. This is the kind of game that for the right person is going to provide hours and hours of entertainment. It is so deep and so tactics based that those of us who are into this thing are going to have a real field day. On the flip side of this, I can see it being too much for the majority of people out there.

Space, The Ultimate Battle

The whole point of what NEBULOUS: Fleet Command is offering is to make you feel like you are the commander of an epic fleet of battleships in outer space. The way it does this is quite clever as it is not just all about being a badass leader who has an epic and powerful haul of space war ships to battle with.

You have to make the tough decisions and tough decisions in this game can lead to some pretty big sacrifices. They can also lead to epic victories and crushing defeats if you get something wrong.

The Finer Details

What I like about NEBULOUS: Fleet Command is that this is a tactics game that is all about your fleet of war space ships. There is no money management style thing to bog gameplay down here! Instead, you have to decide what kind of ships you want and this is pretty awesome as it lets you design your fleet to fit your playstyle. For me, a few quick and nimble ships set around one that has some serious firepower is the way to go, but everyone is free to play this game the way they want.

Everything Matters

When you are taking care of your fleet in NEBULOUS: Fleet Command, everything about your crafts matters. The way that their armor is set, the weapons they have, the maneuvering capabilities, and so on. You have to plan your attacks very carefully and have a backup plan just in case things go wrong is a very good. Even the best-laid plans in this game can go horribly wrong and acting on the fly or reacting to what the enemy does can be very exciting.

Sir, The Enemy Has Shown Up On Our Radar

The way that the game uses a kind of realistic looking radar and radar playing such a big role in NEBULOUS: Fleet Command is something I think is really cool. It kind of reminds me of a movie like Avatar (which granted was not set in outer space) where there is like a giant radar map that they use for battle. I really do dig the whole style of the game and there are some really awesome ship designs in this game.

I have to say that NEBULOUS: Fleet Command is certainly not the kind of game that is going to be for everyone, but I think that there is something very cool and appealing about this game.


I am sure I will probably end up spending more time sorting my fleet and planning my methods of attack than actually partaking in the battles, but that is the kind of thing I like in a game like this. If you do not mind a game that demands a great deal from you, this is one that you have to take a closer look at.


  • The sci-fi space setting is something I think is very cool
  • There are many different types of spaceships to use in your fleet
  • You can set your fleet to your play style
  • The gameplay here is very deep and the radar system is pretty awesome


  • I can see this game being a tad too much for some people
  • Not exactly sure what the story is here if I am being honest with you

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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