Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

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a game by Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Editor Rating: 7/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 8.3/10 - 7 votes
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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond is a remaster of an older version of the game based on the extremely popular anime series. The game itself is mostly the same as the previous version, with a few important changes. One of the biggest changes that will grab your attention is the change from 2D characters to 3D characters. There’s also a few other changes worth noting.

Fire character fix

One of the biggest problems with the original game was that fire types were incredibly rare. You were allowed to pick one fire pokemon as a starter pokemon, but if you didn’t pick him you only had one other fire type you could potentially capture in all the game.

This caused a lot of anxiety amongst players because lack of fire was a huge weakness, and inhibited their ability to play the game. In the remaster, the Grand Underground has been updated so that fire types are now available. In fact, the Grand Underground is one of the most fun aspects of the new version of the game, with Pokemon being visible before battle and several new biomes added.

Unfortunately, as great as the new addition is, there are also some drawbacks to it. Pick up a super rare Pokemon too early (which happens surprisingly frequently) and the game will essentially be broken for the next several levels.

Not balanced

Although the developers made an effort to fix problems with the previous version of the game, in some ways they went too far in the opposite direction. A new feature called EXP share for example, was meant to eliminate much of the grinding that made the first game tedious, but there’s no way to shut it off.

This means that you can end up going the opposite direction, leveling too quickly and feeling like the game is perhaps a bit too easy. This combined with the rare pokemons now relatively easy to find can imbalance the game in favor of too easy instead of too hard.

As you progress in the game, it’s clear this remaster just isn’t as well done as Pokemon HeartGold, but instead has some issues that should have gotten more attention before release.

More personalization

Another new addition to the game is the Super Contest Shows, which are kind of like beauty pageants for Pokemon. The shows are easy enough to do with a simple rhythm game that will help determine your place in the contest.

You can also collect stickers to add to your pokeball which will get your pokemon to do a new animation during the competition. A fire sticker for example will tell your Pokemon to do a burst of flame, or bubbles will have them unleash a flurry of bubbles. This not only personalizes the experience, but can also be entertaining to see all the cute animations.


While not the best remaster the Pokemon series has ever done, the game still fixes a lot of issues and should be enjoyable for Pokemon fans.


  • Customization offered
  • Less grinding
  • More fire characters


  • Graphics are a step back
  • Less challenging

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Nintendo Switch

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  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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