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NHL 96 Elitserien

Elitserien 96 is an Ice Hockey Sim game, developed by High Score Productions and published by Electronic Arts, which was released in Europe in 1995.
Sega Genesis

Hit The Ice

This radical hockey game pits you and your team against some of the toughest skaters ever to burn a hole in the ice! Victory goes to the team that kicks, punches, and high-sticks its opponent into slush. Standard hockey rules apply, plus a few surp..
Sega Genesis SNES

NHL Hitz Pro

Strap on your helmet and grab your stick, ladies and gentlemen, Midway Sports has just delivered pure hockey goodness for your Xbox.

NHL 2k

Naturally, due to the name, you probably think NHL 2K is another Visual Concepts product right?

Gretzky NHL '06

Notice my sincere lack of enthusiasm there.

NHL 2-On-2 Open Ice Challenge

Open Ice is a perfect replacement. Many of the same features exist, such as the special effects of burning goals with rocket shots and checking abilities galore.

NHL Faceoff 2003

It would be nice to say that these changes have made the NHL Faceoff series competitive with EA Sports and Sega's hockey series' but frankly it's still a distant third.

NHL FaceOff 99

Since the NBA and their owners can't seem to work out their million dollar grievances, the only sport that I can turn to is NHL Hockey.

NHL Rivals 2004

The four basic buttons control shooting, dekeing, and passing or the basic round up of defensive maneuvers.

NHL Rock the Rink

This is one wicked slugfest of a hockey game. You know that old joke “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out...”


This game is, hands down, one of the best and most realistic hockey games on the market.

NHL 2000

For folks tired of watching the big hits and incredible scores on TV and instead wish they were the ones creating the havoc, EA Sports has your magic pill.

NHL Championship 2000

Every year it seems as if the guys at Radical come so close to making "the" hockey game to own, but inevitably they fall short due to a sub-par game engine.