Terraria: Otherworld

Terraria: Otherworld was an alternate universe spin-off of Terraria that was canceled during development. Unfortunately, the game is not available for download. However, you can still enjoy the original Terraria, a popular sandbox adventure game with crafting, building, and exploration elements. Play now!
a game by Re-Logic
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 10/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 6.6/10 - 31 votes
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Terraria: Otherworld
Terraria: Otherworld
Terraria: Otherworld

Did you enjoy Terraria with its exploration, base building, braving the elements and fighting awesome enemies? Then you would have loved Terraria: Otherworld by Re-Logic. Sit back and listen to this tale about what could have been.


So from what I understand, Otherworld would have been a slight departure from the Terraria that we know, focusing on purifying the world of The Corruption. This would have been achieved by traversing the deadly landscape and locating and activating the purifying towers.

This title would have included more of a role playing style of gameplay with careful strategic elements, tower defence and skill trees with a present and defined plot as opposed to its predecessor’s objective of general exploration. We expect it still would have had its trademark hack and slash combat, it also looked to be introducing a rope swing mechanic as well. Boss battles and traversal would have been kept and unique encounters based on time, location and random events to keep the game interesting would have remained prevalent.

Perhaps it would have had a gameplay closer to Pixel Piracy, also by Re-Logic.

The World

It looks as though the world and general art style of the game world have remained very similar to the first Terraria with that classic and unmistakeable 2D pixel design. Sadly, we will not see exactly where it would have gone as the only available footage is of the Pre-Alpha build and not a proper representation of its potential.

Why was it cancelled?

Well, it seems as though it mostly falls down to the game falling behind schedule due to switching project partners and in 2018, the game was finally cancelled because developers were not happy with the development status and that Re-Logic was not willing to rush the release of a poor quality product.


This is a shame as Terraria had a big fan base, myself included, who were looking forward to what this game could have been. Perhaps it will get picked back up again in the future but only time will tell.

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