Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection

Download Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection and create the ultimate animal kingdom! Build habitats, care for exotic creatures, and manage your very own zoo. Embrace your wild side and play now!
a game by Blue Fang Games
Platform: PC (2003)
Editor Rating: 5/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 7.2/10 - 29 votes
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Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection
Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection
Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection

Despite being two decades old, the original Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection continues to have a thriving community to this very day. This excited group of players is a testament to the quality and amount of enjoyment that can be found in this early 2000s PC classic. For fans of RollerCoaster Tycoon, Planet Zoo, and of course, later installments in the Zoo Tycoon series, the full experience offered by Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection never disappoints.

We Bought A Zoo

Of course, the main crux of Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection is simple. Wrapped in a familiar strategy and management system, Zoo Tycoon allows players to create and run the zoo of their dreams. After starting the game for the first time, players are given what is essentially a plain field of land.

Here is where they can begin to place the first bricks of their up-and-coming zoo. The base Zoo Tycoon that was released in 2001 features 40 animals to play with, but thanks to the Complete Collection’s inclusion of the Dinosaur Digs, Marine Mania, and Bonus Endangered Species Theme Pack DLC.

A Classic For A Reason

Zoo Tycoon’s biggest appeal is seeing your zoo slowly come to life as your roster of animals grows more and more. New pens and exhibits can be made with just a few clicks, meaning that you can quickly amass an impressive zoo compound to appeal to your virtual guests. Unfortunately the age of Zoo Tycoon does show, especially with the hindsight of its later successors. For one example, Zoo Tycoon only offers two view perspectives to take a look at your zoo from. Both of these perspectives are very distant from the actual structures you’re creating. While this creates a satisfying result when the player’s zoo is expansive in size, it makes designing more detailed exhibits much more cumbersome.

Similar problems arise when the zoo animals create damage to their pens. The game frequently requires the player to repair damage caused by the animals, which can be very difficult due to the distant nature of the camera, as well as objects getting in the way.

A Dog’s Dinner

Where Zoo Tycoon suffers is in its presentation. While the graphics are characteristic of the early 2000s era of when it was released, there were much better looking games released at the same point in time. The added advantage to this is that the game runs like butter on modern systems, and it was renowned for having very low system requirements at the point of release.The pixely computer graphics do demonstrate enough information to convey the sense of a bustling zoo experience, however for more mature players the results can be somewhat underwhelming. The same also applies for the game’s array of sound effects, or lack thereof.

Players can expect a somewhat sparse soundscape as they craft their ideal zoo. Of course, the game has its share of lion roars and monkey noises, but generally these are sprinkled over a very empty space. The sound work is more serviceable than excellent, but it doesn’t leave a huge impact on the overall zoo manager experience.


While the game does have its flaws (which are only exaggerated by later entries into the Zoo Tycoon series), the original game does hold an undeniable charm that hasn’t disappeared in the 20 years since its initial release.


  • Classic gameplay that is still satisfying
  • Includes all of the game’s available DLC packs
  • Great for younger players


  • Sound effects are uninspired and sparse
  • Future releases improve on the formula
  • Camera views are restrictive and distant from the zoo

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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