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Sega Genesis

Mega Man - The Wily Wars

Mega Man - The Wily Wars Game
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    Mega Turrican Welcome sweet Super Contra. The Mega Turrican is hardly any different. The same running, and shooting but the...
  • Rocket Knight Adventures
    Rocket Knight Adventures He's courageous! He's clever! He's one good lookin' opossum. It's Sparkster the Rocket Knight, the heroic jet pack...
It's a video game compilation from Capcom containing remakes of the first three games in the Mega Man series.
Sega Genesis Sega Master System


Mercs Game
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  • Commando
    Commando The player takes control of a soldier named Super Joe, who starts by being dropped off in a jungle by a helicopter,...
  • Ikari Warriors
Mercs is one of those games that's instantly fun to play, with bullets and bodies flying all over the place, and there are hordes of enemies to mow down.

Resident Evil: Gaiden

The next chapter in the Resident Evil series comes to your Game Boy Color.

X-Men Children Of The Atom

Once again Capcom churns out another fighting game. However, this time it's not Ryu or Ken but popular characters from the X-Men comic books!

X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

The X-Men must rescue mutants from captivity in the Genosha island complex.

Megaman X Command Mission

It's surprising to see such a venerable series as Megaman take a step into the RPG genre. It's even more surprising to see them do a decent job at it, with relatively few drawbacks.

Breath of Fire

Released in 1993 in Japan by Capcom, this single player game makes use of a new type of role-playing style.

Way of the Samurai 2

What the heck was Capcom thinking? I'm guessing it must have been something along the lines of: 'Lets save a buck or two and get the janitor to do the voice acting.'


Bonkers is an arcade-action game, based on the Disney TV series of the same name.
Sega Genesis SNES

Saturday Night Slam Masters

It's a pro wrestling arcade game released for the CPS hardware by Capcom. The game features character designs by manga artist Tetsuo Hara.
Sega Genesis SNES

Duck Tales 2

Scrooge's quest for mo' money, mo' money, mo' money begins when his nosy nephews unearth a fragment of a treasure map that leads to the fabled Lost Treasure of McDuck.

Darkwing Duck

It's a dirty, thankless job, but some duck's gotta do it.

Rockman Megaworld

It is a video game compilation from Capcom containing remakes of the first three games in the Mega Man series.
Sega Genesis

Demon's Crest

Published and released by Capcom in 1994, this adventure game is part of the Gargoyle’s Quest sub-series of the Ghosts ‘n Goblins franchise.

Viewtiful Joe

It's still a whole lot of fun to play ' only now you can enjoy it on the PS2\.

Super Street Fighter 2 Collection

This sequel to SF2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting (arcade) made one of the biggest changes to the series.

The Magical Quest: Starring Mickey Mouse

The game features Mickey Mouse traveling in a strange land ruled by the evil emperor Pete, searching for his dog Pluto.

Mega Man 64

Mega Man blasts his way onto the Nintendo® 64 System for the first time ever! This epic adventure combines the best of classic Mega Man action with enormous bosses, a riveting storyline and all the depth of the hottest RPG. Explore vast 3-D worlds ..
Nintendo 64

Strider 2

In Strider 2, the player takes control of modern-day ninja named Strider Hiryu who wields a deadly plasma-ejecting cypher named the Falchion, completing missions assigned to him.
Sega Genesis Sega Master System

Mega Man Anniversary Collection

I have this love/hate relationship with Mega Man, and I think it's a relationship most old-school gamers have with the classic franchise.

Fox Hunt

Of all the companies that have produced FMV games, Capcom is probably the last name you could possibly think of, but Capcom is responsible for Fox Hunt.

Onimusha Warlords

Capcom's first effort on PS2 isn't a Street Fighter or Resident Evil title.

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

You are the one who is aimed to save Disney Parade: Goofy lost golden key inside the Disney Castle and Mickey Mouse asks you to find gold keys and open main gate.

Mega Man Battle and Chase

Simply put, Mega Man Battle & Chase is like Mario Kart with the Mega Man characters. There are a few new features to keep the game fresh and unique.

U.N. Squadron

The game is a typical side scrolling shooter, going against the trend of other Capcom shooters, such as 1942, and 1943: The Battle of Midway, which are vertically scrolling shooters.

Magical Tetris Challenge

Join Disney's Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy as they embark on a non-stop adventure full of challenging fun and excitement in Magical Tetris Challenge. Completely addictive, deceptively simple, you'll go wild in a kaleidoscopic shower of falling ..
Nintendo 64


Converted from the classic arcade game, Strider lets you run, jump, perform acrobatics and climb walls and overhangs. You wield a plasma sword, called a Cypher, through 5 levels fighting robots and guards, with mid- and end-level bosses.
Sega Genesis NES Sega Master System

Magic Sword

Magic Sword - Heroic Fantasy is a side-scrolling fantasy arcade game released by Capcom in 1990.

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

Like anyone with a healthy sense of nostalgia, I look back on yesterday and wish that the games made by modern publishers could live up to the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of days gone by.

Maximo Vs. Army of Zin

The game plays much like , although the game does pack a lot more whollop in the same basic moves and weapons.


The video game characters, Willow and his swordsman companion Madmartigan, resemble to the images of the movie starring actors Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer. In a single-player game, a player alternates between them.

The Great Circus Mystery: Starring Mickey and Minnie

The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey and Minnie is a 2D platforming game for the Super Nintendo.
Sega Genesis SNES

Pandemonium 2

Pandemonium 2 takes place in the same world as the first game, but it's not entirely obvious at first glance.


The player takes control of a soldier named Super Joe, who starts by being dropped off in a jungle by a helicopter, and has to fight his way out singlehandedly, fending off a massive assault of enemy soldiers.

Final Fight Guy

Another fighting game from Final Fight series.

Onimusha Blade Warriors

This 3D side view action/fighter game is a multiplayer mass melee game that focuses on the fighting elements of the Onimusha world.

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection

I love Street Fighter, always have, even back when the occasional fireball was more a freak product of luck that elicited looks of shock than a planned attack. But I'm not that big a fan of the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection.

Dino Stalker

Rarely does a game of this caliber make it to market as it's apparent little time or money was allocated to this project.

Biohazard Gun Survivor

For Biohazard: Gun Survivor, Capcom's combining two popular genres to give the Time Crisis formula a new twist.

Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Super Heroes has made its way to the PlayStation and Saturn from the arcade!

Capcom vs. SNK EO 2

Loaded with 44 usable characters from past and present and the ability to have three person matches, the game has the potential to stay fresh for some time.

Dungeons And Dragons Tower of Doom

Once again, Dungeons and Dragons transcends the limits of dice and paper in this latest of many game conversions.

Megaman X3

In Megaman X3. you can jump from character to character, utilizing each character's best features to get him/her through the challenging levels.

Dai Makaimura

Dai Makaimura is a platform game/run and gun developed by Capcom. It is the sequel to Ghosts 'n Goblins, and prequel to the Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts.
Sega Genesis

Chiki Chiki Boys

No one in peaceful Alurea was ready when the Monsters attacked! Mobs of grimy creatures swarmed over the land. Only the Chiki Chiki Boys survived. Can these twin princes win back their country from the nasty gnarlies of Monster Palace? Strike out w..
Sega Genesis

Street Fighter Collection

Let's just ignore the fact that Super Street Fighter was the weakest version of SF2 and take each game one by one.

Power Stone

It may take some time (or a bit of hypnosis), but if you can convince yourself that Capcom can create a non-hardcore fighting game, then you'll probably have fun with Power Stone.

Mega Man's Soccer

It is a video game released by Capcom for the Super NES in 1994 that combines soccer with the original Mega Man series.

Megaman and Bass

This is Capcom's latest release of their very successful Mega Man series. The plot is simple enough.

Street Fighter EX 2

Street Fighter EX was an instant hit with many SF aficionados.

Tech Romancer

Right alongside Street Fighter III in Capcom's impressive list of games to bring stateside is Tech Romancer, a 3D fighting game inspired by giant robot anime of the last three decades.

Yo! Noid

The infamous pizza-saboteur is about to become the Big Apple's newest hero.

Tiger Road

Fight your way through 5 horizontal and vertical scrolling levels before the countdown timer runs out.

Gotcha Force

It takes a lot to make a Nintendo game seem bizarre, probably because no matter how strange a Gamecube game is, players are having so much fun playing it they don't notice.

Star Gladiator

With Star Gladiator, the third dimension will no longer be off limits. This game is a direct conversion of the arcade.

G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor

General Hawk and the entire G.I. Joe team are back in action against the Cobra Commander.

Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter

It's nice to see the occasional role-playing game that isn't formulaic, something that shows the developer took some time to create a plot worth living in a game worth playing.

Super Buster Brothers

Super Buster Brothers is also know as Ghost Hunter is a strange shooting game where the object of the game is to shoot up at bubbles with a grappling hook gun which divides the bubble into smaller ones until gone.

Mega Man Extreme

With the advent of Game Boy Color, the cry for new versions of classic games has reached a deafening crescendo.

Plasma Sword

Star Gladiator, the prequel to Plasma Sword, surprised a lot of folks with its oddball cast and sharp

Super Ghouls'N Ghosts

Arthur's precious princess has been kidnapped and taken to the dreaded Phantom Zone by hideous ghouls!

Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness

Gargoyle’s Quest stars a sparkplug of a little demon hero named Firebrand.

Snk Vs. Capcom

SNK is the chocolate and Capcom the peanut butter as they join forces for this Naomi arcade and DC uber-super-mega-fighter (we hope, anyway) due Sept.

Genma Onimusha

As the forces of good rise up to defend themselves against the evil Nobunaga Oda and his invading army, the master-less samurai Samanosuke answers the call for help from the forgotten Princess Yu

Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower

With a name like Darkstalkers, it has to be good! A great update to an old series, you'll get to fight as a series of movie monsters become warriors in this fiercely competitive title.

Buster Bros Collection

Capcom will be bringing the Buster Brothers Collection to the PlayStation.