Mega Man X2

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a game by Capcom
Genre: Platformer
Platform: SNESSNES
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 4 reviews
User Rating: 8.3/10 - 7 votes
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Mega Man X2
Mega Man X2
Mega Man X2

Mega Man X2 is the sequel to Mega Man X, one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. The game is developed by Capcom, and was originally released in 1994 for the Super Nintendo. Like Mega Man X, the Mega Man X2 tasks players with completing tough platforming stages, defeating bosses, and collecting their ultra-powerful weapons. There are eight unique “Mavericks” to hunt down, each with a cool and unique weapon. It's tougher than the original, has some cool new features, and is an overall excellent followup.

The story in Mega Man X2 once again centers around X, a robot living in the future. After defeating Sigma in the previous game, the world is still populated with evil robotic creatures who serve him. X and some other allies form the Maverick Hunters, a group of soldiers who aim to hunt down the remaining Sigma-faithful. In the shadows, a group of villains known as the X Hunters monitor X and attempt to reclaim the planet.

Gameplay in Mega Man X2 is similar to the previous game, but with some cool additions and features. Like every Mega Man game, you progress through a series of stages in any order you choose. Each stage presents difficult platforming sections, enemies to defeat, and a final boss to overcome. There are a number of upgrades and hidden power ups scattered throughout the levels, and some require you to have specific abilities. Once you've finished a level, you'll earn the boss' weapon. Each one is unique, and provides you with extra firepower and some fun utility. For example, X can reach items that are too far away by using the Strike Chain, a weapon earn by beating the Wire Sponge boss.

Mega Man X put an emphasis on X's ability to move around the stage, and Mega Man X2 makes that movement a necessity. In the previous game, dashing, wall-jumping, and a few other abilities were fun new additions. Mega Man X2 demands that players master those gameplay additions, as you won't be able to progress without doing so. This means harder jumps with smaller windows, tougher enemy patterns, and a noticeable spike in difficulty. Depending on which order you complete the levels, some sections can be made easier by upgrades and boss weapons. However, you can't rely on taking the easy way out all the time.

In addition to improving X and discovering new weapons, you can also search for Zero parts. Acquiring all four pieces allows you to resurrect Zero, an ally of X's. To do so, you'll have to find and fight the X Hunters when they appear. These fights are significantly difficult, but the reward for conquering them is well worth it. Fans of the “Hadouken” power up from Mega Man X will be happy to know that there's a similar power up, but appropriately unique for the sequel.

Overall, Mega Man X2 is a tough but enjoyable platforming game that does justice to its predecessor. Although it doesn't reach the heights of Mega Man X, it's still loads of fun to play. The new weather effects make the already-awesome visuals even better, and the music is still awesome. Level and boss design is smart and satisfying, balancing a good mix of challenge and strategy. If you're a fan of Super Nintendo action games, or the Mega Man series in general, Mega Man X2 is an absolute winner.

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP
  • Pentium II (or equivalent) 266MHz (500MHz recommended), RAM: 64MB (128MB recommended), DirectX v8.0a or later must be installed

Game Reviews

This trick will get you everything you need to complete the game, and the special hidden weapon--the Shoryuken! To do this, you must first access the Password Option from the title screen. Enter this code: 7 3 6 6 7 12 3 6 18 8 3 6 8 1

This will give you all of the weapons, parts for Zero and the four sub-tanks. You will begin right before you enter the first X-Hunter Stage. It is essential to power up your sub tanks before you go into these stages. One easy way to do this is to go to the (already beaten) Desert Base Stage. In this stage, get to the place where you have to ride the cycle up the first hill. Once you're at the top of the hill, turn the cycle around and then jump...

  • Machine: SNES.
  • Manufacturer: by Capcom of Japan. publisher Capcom.

Are You On The List?

With Mega Man X2, you'd better be!

As long-time Mega Man fans undoubtedly know, the key to success knows which weapon hurts each boss the most. Thus, it has become an annual tradition here at Game Players to print what's come to be known as 'The List' for the latest Mega Man game.

But starting with last year's Mega Man X, this new SNES series offers a lot more weapons and items to be found. So we've expanded 'The List' to uncover many of the game's other secrets as well. But we still aren't giving away everything... yet. There are a few secrets here and there that are yet to be revealed, so keep an eye out for anything unusual. In the meantime, get off to a big head-start with the info on the following pages. And if Capcom continues forward as they always have, chances are we can all get back together for another round of Mega-mania this time next year. I can't wait!

The List:

  1. Wheel Gator - use the S. Chain.
  2. Bubble Crab - use the Spin Wheel.
  3. Flame Stag - use the Bubble Splash.
  4. Morph Moth - use the Speed Burner.
  5. Magna Centipede - use the Silk Shot.
  6. Crystal Snail - use the Magnet Mine.
  7. Overdrive Ostrich - use the Crystal Hunter.
  8. Wire Sponge - use the Sonic Slicer.

The Super Bosses

Violen: Use the powered-up X. Buster. Stick to the top corners while Violen swings his ball and chain, then fire at him (while still clinging to the wall) when he jumps towards the top of the screen.

Agile: Stay on the opposite side of the room and climb midway up the wall. Wait for Agile to leap up and throw his energy wave, then immediately drop under it and fire a powered-up shot from the X. Buster. Now quickly climb the wall again and repeat the pattern. If Agile dashes towards your side of the screen, leap off the wall over him and air-dash to the other side.

Serges: Use the powered-up X. Buster to destroy Serges' land mines, then use the same weapon on Serges when he's jumping or when his shield goes down to place a mine. Stay as far away from him as possible while he's spinning to give his shots more room to spread out before they reach you.

The X - Parts

The X-Parts are the most coveted secret items of all. They were left behind by Dr. Light years ago, in hopes that Mega Man X would find them when he was ready to be upgraded. Without them, completing the game and finding all of the other hidden items would be impossible.

Air-Dash - This enhancement allows you to dash while in mid-air for longer jumps. Look for it behind a small wall of stones in Overdrive Ostrich's stage. Use the Spin Wheel to smash the stones.

G. Crush - This item works like a smart bomb. You power it up by taking damage. When it's full, you can unleash the most powerful Mega Man weapon ever! It's hidden in Morph Moth's stage, in the first tunnel with the floating junk. Use the I. Tracer to find the exact spot on the ground (not totally necessary) and bore through using the S. Wheel.

Super X. Buster - This can be found in Wheel Gator's world. Look for it just past one of those yellow tank-like guys, up a narrow tunnel in the ceiling. To reach it, air-dash off of a wall on the far left to grasp a part of the ceiling that hangs down, then slide down off of it and immediately air-dash into the narrow tunnel further to the right.

Energy Subtanks

Energy Subtanks can be filled with excess energy capsules, and in turn can refill Mega Man's life bar when it's low. These important items are hard to find, but are well worth the search.

There's a Subtank hidden in Wire Sponge's stage. When you reach the first set of vertical platforms over the spikes, ride the first platform to the top and air-dash to the wall at the left. Climb to the top and go to the right to find the Subtank.

Another Subtank can be found in Magna Centipede's stage, in a small room above a narrow tunnel in the ceiling. Take a dashing jump from a platform to the far left and then do a powered-up Speed Burner dash in mid-air to barely reach the bottom of the tunnel! Climb up inside and grab the Subtank.

Heart Tanks

Each Heart Tank that you find permanently increases the max amount of energy that Mega Man can hold, so you want to nab every last one.

It seemed to take forever for Mega Man to make it to the 16-bit realm, but when he finally did, he was an instant hit. Only one year later, Mega Man X2 continues this action legend.

Hunter or Hunted?

The fighting saga of Mega Man X versus the Maverick Reploids continues, but this time Capcom's number-one Maverick Hunter faces the X-Hunters. Little does he realize that this new breed of Maverick robots is designed specifically to assassinate him! In their quest for total control, the Mavericks have captured Mega Man X's old robocanine friend, IB Zero, who's the perfect bait for a Mega Man trap.

In this mega-fun adventure, all of Mega Man X's abilities (and yours) are put to a grueling test as you attempt to save Zero and eradicate the Mavericks for good. The Man must fight his way through eight main locations.

The levels are deceptively average in size and seem pretty straightforward, but don't let appearances fool you. Some surprising challenges, such as acquiring power-ups for Mega Man X's suit from hidden locations, keep you on your toes. The power-ups always look reachable, but you'll bust your thumbs getting to them. The levels are also overrun with Maverick mechanical monsters, making the action much faster and a bit tougher than it was in the original game.


  • To complete longer leaps, press the Dash button, then immediately press the Jump button.
  • You need the Mobile Attack Armor to break through certain walls.
  • Use the Spin Wheel to break through walls and blocks.
  • In the Volcanic Zone
  • The Magnet Mine weapon
  • When fighting this X-Hunter boss, stay a good distance away. Your X.Buster weapon causes the most damage
  • When fully powered, the Speed Burner weapon rapidly shoots you across the screen to new locations.
  • The first boss you'll face is one of the biggest bosses Mega Man X has ever encountered. To defeat him, use your standard charge weapon and direct your hits toward his head.

Mega Man X's controls are one of the biggest strengths of the Mega Man X series, and X2 continues that tradition. You may find it a little difficult to press the different button combos that are required to reach certain points in the game, but the response time is perfect.

Bosses on Their Job

Of course, Mega Man wouldn't be Mega Man without the end bosses and their unique attack patterns and weapons. As in all Mega Man games, once an end boss is destroyed, Mega Man X acquires their weapon. Flame Stage, one of the more powerful bosses, charges and slams you into the ground for major damage if he catches you. Megna Centipede, another mighty boss, can reappear anywhere on-screen for the ultimate surprise attack. He also has the ability to drain your charge weapon. Other cool new Mega weapons include special vehicles that help MM through tough spots. The Mobile Attack Cycle grabs major air as it flies off ramps, and the Mobile Attack Armor features a nasty spin blade and limited jumps.

New Chip, New Look

As always, the outstanding graphics show great detail in the backgrounds and enemies. Mega Man X2 sports a new chip, the C4, which was designed exclusively by Capcom to enhance the already-masterful bosses with a new 3D look. The C4 produces sophisticated 3D graphics and action, including three-dimensional object rotation. Now the bosses twist and turn in ways you've never seen before in a Mega Man game.

The big downfall in the first Mega Man X was the frequent slowdown that detracted from the game play. MM X2's minimal slowdown doesn't even resemble the original's sluggishness.

The sound quality matches that of the first Mega Man X -- that is, nothing short of great. The tunes are nicely tailored to each level's setting, and effects help pump up the action.


Mega Man X2 is a mega monster! With all the right elements, it's one the best installments in the series. If you dug the first game, this one's improved in almost every way. The new C4 chip energizes the already-great graphics, the extremely responsive controls are perfect, and the levels contain more enemies and hidden locations than any MM game yet. Mega Man X2 is X-cellent.

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