Home Alone

Home Alone
a game by Brian A. Rice, Inc, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Altron, and Sega
Platforms: Sega GenesisGenesis SNESSNES Sega Master SystemSega Master System NESNES GameBoy GameGear
Genres: Action, Adventure/RPG
Editor Rating: 8.1/10, based on 9 reviews
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Home Alone
Home Alone
Home Alone
Home Alone

Some burglars, no matter how inept, never seem to learn their lesson. Such is the case with Harry and Marv, the goofy crooks who unsuccessfully tried to clean out the McCallister family homestead in the top-grossing slapstick flick of all time, Home Alone. Now they're back to take it in the face, body, and crotch on your Super Nintendo.

Send in the Cronies

For whatever reason, young Kevin is home alone for the holidays once again so the "Wet Bandits", out on parole from the state pen, call in the posse to enact a long-overdue payback. Thugs of every shape, size, and description are prowling the halls of our young hero's house in search of the McCallisters' most prized possessions. You must help Kev thwart the thieves in this side-view item-grabbing game from THQ.

Trapping the Boobies

Kevin must hide the McCallister valuables in a safe place (the vault) so he roams around four wings (levels) of his house, grabs as many family treasures as his backpack can hold, and tosses 'em all down the laundry chute. Each wing has two floors and many rooms, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and playrooms, and each holds a different variety of treasures, such as toys, electronics, and rare pets.

Kevin's a kid genius when it comes to masterminding felon-foiling traps. His devices are cocked and ready to spring -- you just have to figure out how to trigger each slip-up. Kev can also splash thugs with a water pistol, bop them with baseballs, snipe at them with a sling-shot, and bonk them with a BB gun. His weapons usually disable the crooks momentarily.


  • Leap-frog over smaller burglars while they're stunned.
  • Lead thieves into piles of toys to wipe them out.
  • Use the "domino effect" to execute many of Kevin's deadliest booby-traps. For example, bounce the bowling ball and the vibrations will drop a trophy on a gangster's head. You can also put banana peels and buckets of paint to good use.

Kevin's Collectible Delectables

Young taste buds crave one food more than any other, Pizza. Kevin earns an extra life when he munches eight slices or an entire pie at once. Cookies are great in-between-meal snacks because they restore a lost hit point. For that "manly" feel, slap on some Aftershave and become a temporarily invincible nine-year-old. Oh, the joys of kiddie video-game fantasies!

While you're invulnerable backtrack to take out the toughest thugs.

Closet Nightmares

Most children are afraid of dark places and Kevin's no exception. His worst fears come to life after he stashes enough valuables to clear a level. He must then brave the cellar and confront creepy things like rats, bats, spiders, ghosts, and the occasional boss nightmare.

  • Flatten the giant tarantula at the end of Level Two with the cinder block.
  • Study the movement of Level Three's spooks before making a dash for safety.

No Babysitter Required

Although gameplay and challenge fall short in comparison with more demanding 16-bit titles like Super Mario World, fans of Bart vs. the Space Mutants for the NES will enjoy the easy-going style of Home Alone. It has the same predictable but amusing run, jump, and snatch fare. Harry, Marv, and the gang are graphically unremarkable, but the "Nutcracker" theme music is fairly well-scored. If you're Home Alone you might find this one's a steal!

Game Reviews

Published by THQ, Inc. and developed by Bethesda Softworks LLC, this side scroller video game was released in 1991.

The game is based on the same-named movie. The player takes on the role of the main character Kevin McAllister. Kevin has been left home all alone for Christmas, whilst his family is on holiday trip. The situation wouldn't be that bad. But the two burglars, Harry and Marv, also known as the Wet Bandits, have decided to break into the McAllister’s house. What they don’t expect is that the little boy is too smart for letting them in. He will use all the items he has got in the house to make traps for the.

The player has to wander about Kevin's house, gathering icons representing different kinds of traps. Then, he drops the found icons onto the ground, on the way one of the burglars, stunning them and getting a score. Once one of them stunned, Kevin can safely walk past and keep on collecting the icons.

Based off of the popular movie, Home Alone casts you as a child who's parents have left on vacation and have accidentally left you behind! Worse Yet, criminals are trying to break into the house to get their hands on what they can. You have your trusty pellet rifle at your side as well as your sling shot. Look through cabinets and other pieces of furniture to uncover more surprises!

  • Type: Action
  • Available: Autumn 1991
  • Levels: 5
  • Difficulty: Average

This cart continues the story of the boy named Kevin who stopped two thugs from entering the house when he was home alone. Now that they are out of the slammer, they want revenge! This time they have assembled a team and are going to raid his house again! Guide Kevin through the many levels collecting the valuables and trying to seal them in the vault downstairs. Are you able to stop them this time?

People say:


While this game capitalizes on the successful comedy, the developers of Home Alone missed a grand chance to really create a game that could have opened up a new category for video: games that make you laugh! It's a stale action-wanna-be that's slow and tedious.


Home Alone captures some of the flavor of the movie. As a game it is OK and has some good action sequences. But, with a bit more effort it could have been a great game. Needs better control and more variety. The graphics are too plain and don't help the game along.


This game needs work. While the movie it is based on is very funny, the game doesn't convey the same intent. The game play needs major work and the music is unacceptable. Hopefully the NES and Super NES versions will be better. Not the best game they ever did.


Home Alone is another example of a Name Game - it'll sell on name alone. The game itself is okay but it deserves the average rating because it is all-around average. Unfortunately, an incredibly funny and successful movie like Home Alone demands a better game.

Based on the popular movie, this is your chance to save the house from burglars. Help Kevin set traps and thwart the con men attempting to rob the house.

The movie was great! Don't you wish you could play it at home? Well, now you can, on the GameBoy! Keep the robbers at bay with your cunning and wit.

Based on the hit movie, Home Alone from THQ lets you relive your favorite parts of the movie. Your parents have gone on vacation and left you home alone. You have to defend your house from thieves.

That's right, the smash hit movie is now going to become a hit video game. It's action adventure as you become the Home Alone kid and roam from room to room in your house trying to stop the bad guys.

Based on the 1990 film of the same name, Home Alone puts you in the role of Kevin, the little boy who was played by Macaulay Culkin in the movie. Like the title implies, you have been left home alone by your parents. Not only are your parents gone, you are the only one left in the entire neighborhood. Unless, of course, you count Harry and Marv, a couple of burglars who show up in a van. Your job is to thwart these criminals and keep them from breaking into the houses (including your own) and making off with the loot contained therein.

You begin the game on a sled, zipping around snowy yards, streets, sidewalks, and frozen ponds, looking for the van and running into snowmen to retrieve items you will need (such as tires for stacking) to defeat the criminals. Eventually, the burglars will appear in their van and break into a house. You can try to set traps for the criminals ahead of time, or you can follow them into the houses and try to stop them with your weapons.

You begin each game with three of each kind of trap: blow torches, tacks, ice, grease, and tar. Throughout the game you can pick up extra traps. Instead of picking up weapons in this game, you collect weapon items, which can be used to build weapons. Weapon items include hair dryers, crossbows, cans, ice cream scoops, CD players, cameras, rubber bands, wire, balloons, snowballs, hot coals, pepper, glue, super balls, BBs, rope, batteries, and flashbulbs. You must combine three of these parts to form each weapon, such as a hot coal rifle, a snowball bazooka, a glue rifle, and a sonic wave gun.

There are five different houses to protect in this game: the mansion, the ultra modern house, the old house, the colonial mansion, and the country house. When the crooks have looted an entire house of its possessions, you lose it. If you lose all five houses, you lose the game.

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