Paleo Pines

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a game by Italic Pig
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 10/10, based on 1 review
User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Paleo Pines
Paleo Pines
Paleo Pines
Paleo Pines

Ever wanted to own your own dinosaur ranch? Well, thanks to Paleo Pines, you now can. There are a tremendous number of games that allow for taming dinosaurs and exploring the world with them, but none of them provide the same dopamine levels as this cozy game. Take a prehistoric ride through a delightfully colorful world without having to fight off every dinosaur for a hundred miles with a stick. Instead, prepare yourself for a lovely time getting to know all of these adorable creatures that have been lovingly rendered. If that sounds like a nice time to you, keep reading as we get into it.


So, this game kind of functions like Stardew Valley meeting ARK: Survival Evolved. You take control of the only known descendant of the legendary flute whisperer, who arrives on an island that you can explore and turn into a paradise. With a little bit of Animal Crossing: New Horizons thrown in for good measure, this game focuses primarily on you travelling around, meeting and taming dinosaurs, while cultivating the land and turning it into a habitable environment for all. You are creating a wonderful world that humans and dinosaurs can live together in peace. It sure sounds nice, doesn’t it? Good, because that’s the point.

You can spend your time farming with your dinosaur friends or petting their snoots. In either case, there’s a lot to do and a whole world with multiple biomes to see. Along with all this, there is also the quiet quest of discovering the past and learning the lost history of your ancient ancestors.

Cozy Game

This is, what we in the business, call a cozy game. It’s not designed to be played competitively, its not designed to make you angry or annoy you in any way. It isn’t a test. It just wants you to be comfortable and enjoy yourself. This atmosphere that the game tries to cultivate is specifically designed to help you relax. Express individuality and creativity, build your ranch your way and enjoy yourself. Gain the trust of your dinosaur friends, and the community, and build on those relationships, making sure that everyone stays happy.


The visuals in this game are amazing. The dinosaurs are so dang cute, I cannot help but want to chase them all down and pet them. The games delightfully bright and colorful palette makes for a truly awe-inspiring time, as you traverse the many different environments, from forests, to rolling meadows, to deserts where you can discover even more dinosaurs. There is something distinctly pleasant about dino spotting, where you can sit and watch them frolic in their natural habitats. Not many games can make you want to just stare and take it all in, but this game nails that feeling with ease. Also, yes. Just in case you were worried, you can customize your character.


This is a brilliant game that marries a lot of stuff we like from other cozy titles. If you love a relaxing but rewarding game, look no further than this.


  • Excellent and adorable visuals
  • Interesting world


  • More content in games like this is always appreciated

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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