The 7th Guest VR

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a game by Vertigo Games
Platform: PC (2023)
Editor Rating: 8/10, based on 1 review
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The 7th Guest VR
The 7th Guest VR
The 7th Guest VR
The 7th Guest VR

You have no idea how excited I am for The 7th Guest VR! This is one of the few reasons that I am glad I picked up a PlayStation VR2 earlier this year? The original game was something that completely blew my mind as a kid. I was a console gamer, I never had a PC, but a friend of mine did and he had this very expensive and fancy CD rom drive for it and the original game was one of those that made me wish I had a PC so much! It was so unlike anything else that I could play on my beloved SNES that I loved watching him play it…. He would only let the other kids watch, he would never actually let us play.

An Evening Filled With Murder And Mystery

I do not want to go into too much depth when talking about the story of The 7th Guest VR as the story is a huge part of the reason why this game captures you the way that it does. Basically, we are in this old creepy ass mansion and we are trapped by a very evil spirit that wants to do harm. We need to solve a series of puzzles and figure out who is this 7th guest and what do they want from us before it is too late. It is a classic murder/mystery story with a supernatural splash and experiencing it in VR is going to be epic.

The Gang Is All Here!

One thing that I think is awesome about The 7th Guest VR is that this is a game that those who are familiar with the original will get a huge kick out of. Seeing those classic characters like Martine Burden, Edward and Elanor Knox and Brian Dutton back is awesome stuff. However, I do not think that you need to have any real prior knowledge of that original early 90s game to appreciate the story here. They have been very careful to ensure that people no matter their level of familiarity with the game can enjoy this.

3D VR To The Max

I think that The 7th Guest VR has the potential to be the most immersive VR game yet! As I said, I was an early adopter of the PlayStation VR2 and I have to be honest, the tech is great, but the games are lacking! This though is the kind of thing I bought it for! The way that it has these spectral like live action characters and the way that they have designed the creepy mansion is just amazing. It has the soul and spirit of that original game, but they have done a phenomenal job of making it look so much better which is going to scare us and also ensure that we have a very immersive experience.

An Exciting New Path

The original game was a fun puzzle exploration game and that is pretty much what we have here with The 7th Guest VR. Rather than just copying and pasting the same puzzles from the original game, which to be honest with you I probably would have been ok with. They have redesigned the puzzles here with VR in mind. This not only keeps veteran players on their toes, but it also means that the puzzles and the exploration is going to be much more immersive and make you feel like you are actually in this place and trying to find out what is going on.


While I loved the Horizon game, I got with my PlayStation VR2, The 7th Guest VR is the game that I am most excited about when it comes to VR games in 2023. I am so excited about this game that I have actually refused to read or watch anything else about it as I want to go into it as blind as possible. I do also want to say that while I have mentioned the PlayStation VR2 a few times, this game is also going to be playable on the Meta Quest and Steam VR.


  • It takes a classic 90s PC game and makes it an epic VR adventure
  • I love the whole horror and murder aspect of the story
  • The game is legit kind of creepy
  • The puzzles have been redesigned for VR


  • I do wonder if it will be able to live up to the original
  • While I am excited about this, it is a shame that there is no non-VR version

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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