The Outer Worlds 2

Download The Outer Worlds 2 and explore a vast, unpredictable universe! Engage in thrilling combat, unravel cosmic mysteries, and make choices that shape the fate of entire worlds. Are you prepared for the journey? Play now!
a game by Obsidian Entertainment, Inc.
Platform: PC
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The Outer Worlds 2
The Outer Worlds 2
The Outer Worlds 2

It's a tradition in the media industry that one simply cannot leave a successful entity without a sequel. The Outer Worlds 2 has been announced to follow in those old footsteps. It is aiming to capitalize on the acclaim of its predecessor. This action-adventure epic will be back into the fray at some point - but for now, we can revel in the certainty that there will be more megacorp worlds to conquer.

The preceding game exceeded expectations, much to surprise. But then again, developers have consistently put out some good content. Mainly ones that are story and lore-rich, incorporating traditional RPG mechanics. Not much would change with The Outer Worlds 2, it would seem. The game is far out, but the comical trailer already has enough for us to get excited about.

That Trailer is Out There

What's already won over an audience for The Outer Worlds 2 is the humorous trailer that takes a shot at stereotypical game announcements these days. It features epic scenes of space exploration and futuristic combat with a narrator explaining what these trailers feature to get players excited about the game - all tongue-in-cheek, of course.

The trailer openly admits that nothing on the game has been completed except for the trailer itself. That leaves us with nothing to discuss apart from the refreshing, lighthearted approach to development. Also, what we could potentially expect from The Outer Worlds 2 - it probably won't be too different, but it will build on the best features of the first game.

The engine will likely stay the same, using its assets to flesh out the ethereal worlds we loved from the predecessor. The strong narrative is expected to be refreshed to offer new storylines, characters, dialogue options, and weapons. Perhaps we'll see some new combat mechanics? The likelihood is that there will be tweaks, but not a whole new system.

Regardless, the universe of The Outer Worlds presents a lot of potential for enjoyable new horizons. Shame we've got no release date or further detail yet - but as the trailer said, they don't want to tease us with anything they don't have.

Without any solid gameplay, we'd estimate the game won't be ready at very least until late 2022.

"The Only Thing That's Finished, Is The Title"

The title is finished, so The Outer Worlds 2 has that going for them! The brutal honesty behind the game trailer suggests that it could be a masterpiece. Or maybe one where critique is downsized considering the humor and player connection behind the development. Whatever the case, this sequel has been announced on a good foot.


The Outer Worlds definitely stunned space-game enthusiasts with its Mass Effect style gameplay mixed with the exploration potential of No Man's Sky. There is a high expectation that the sequel will meet the same standards, if not better them. There's a lot to look forward to with The Outer Worlds 2 - and we will stay vigilant.


  • A lighthearted and comedic trailer suggests a game dedicated to players
  • Looking to build on the success of the first game
  • Plenty of potential for brilliant narrative


  • No information about the game published beside the announcement

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System requirements:

  • PC compatible
  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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