City Of Heroes Homecoming

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Platform: PC
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City Of Heroes Homecoming
City Of Heroes Homecoming
City Of Heroes Homecoming
City Of Heroes Homecoming

I want to be a superhero!

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? If that’s a yeah, this game from Cryptic Studios will get you one step closer to that dream! City of Heroes: Homecoming is a massively multiplayer game that looks very similar to the DC Universe game.

With great power, comes great responsibility.

The simple plot isn’t the reason to play this game, although there is a back story. They are superheroes and they have duties to fulfill. The mission is given from NPC through the game. At no means does that make City of Heroes: Homecoming boring, as it’s the gameplay which makes the game enjoyable.

Up, up and away!

City of Heroes: Homecoming isn’t anything ground-breaking with its graphics, but it does have a lot of detail to it. The City of Heroes' world is massively a multiplayer game spanning through different servers. It has a simple 3D design and has a comic book feel to it. Who doesn’t want to be in their favourite comic book story? City of Heroes: Homecoming gives you this experience.


The draw and the main reason you should play The City of Heroes is the gameplay. It truly gives you the experience of being a superhero. You start the game by creating your own superhero with customisable features. As well as this, you can pick an original name that is checked through the servers to see if anyone else has picked that name. If someone else has that name, you won’t be able to pick it. So, if you do choose Batman someone will probably have that. That’s just the start though. After that, we dive into the world of the City of Heroes.

The world is split into different areas and each level has its own difficulty level. So, you’ll have to level up your character to be able to survive the harder areas. With new levels, come more powers, meaning that as you level up. You will be given more options for different powers. As you progress through the game from mission to a mission you could be fighting a boss to saving a hostage from a group of villains. This really keeps the game enjoyable as missions don’t get boring due to the variety. There’s also a massive multiplayer element here with PVP modes and modes where the missions can be done in groups.

There’s no other city like it.

Even though the story and graphics are nothing special, it’s the gameplay you come to play this game. The game takes a lot of inspiration from the DC Universe Online with its gameplay and graphics, but it does add its own spin to it by adding original heroes and backstories. The incentive to level up is very enjoyable and the ability to get new superhero power giving a very enjoyable playthrough. Also, the multiplayer aspects bring people together to fight alongside each other or against each other, makes the game great and a massive stand out from the rest.

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  • Operating systems: Windows 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/2000/Vista/WinXP

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